Supernatural “Time After Time After Time” Review

Supernatural Time After Time After Time Season 6 Episode 12

Man, talk about a wild ride. I feel like I just got off Space Mountain and I don’t even like roller coasters. But if they were anything like tonight’s episode of Supernatural, I’d probably get on them all the time. Speaking of time, tonight’s episode is very aptly titled “Time After Time After Time”, and when I say it was a roller coaster ride, I don’t mean because it was up and down. There was no real sadness or drama followed by moments of hilarity. It was pretty much all fun from beginning to end, and if that’s not the definition of an amusement ride, I don’t know what is.

Dean and Sam inadvertently run into Chronos (aka the God of Time), who hitches a ride back on Dean to 1944. There our modern hunter meets up with none other than the great Eliot Ness, who turns out to be a hunter himself. Not only that, but working with him is a crotchety old bird who does all his research and gripes at him. It was like seeing Bobby’s twin, well except for the skirt.

Meanwhile Sam is stuck in good old 2012, with Jody Mills helping him out. While the two of them try to figure out where the heck disappeared to, Dean and Ness are doing the same thing back in the 40’s, complete with some amazing costume changes for Dean. Okay so y’all remember when I said that Dean could wear anything and still look hot? They put him in a jumpsuit last week with a funny hat and he looked amazing. This week they put him in snazzy 40’s suits with a majorly cool fedora. My poor heart could barely take it. In fact, a part of me was a little sad that Sammy didn’t get to go back with Dean. I would love to have seen him in those getups too, but considering his hair (and those sideburns) they’d have probably thought he was some sort of crazy person.

I feel like I could just sit here and babble on and on about this episode all night and really just keep saying the same thing in about fifty different ways. The simple truth is I loved it. Even with Sam and Dean apart we still managed to have some great brother moments (playing rock, paper, scissors for the better room – Dean leaving the note he knew Sam would find in the future), plus some really awesome guest starts, time travel and, lest we forget, the snappy wardrobe. Truly, what was there not to like about it? After the mourning we went through last week (miss you Bobby!!), this episode was just what we all needed to get back into what’s enjoyable about this show.

My favorite bits….

“Don’t give me that dirty diaper look, I ain’t calling you.” – Haha! That is the best description of morning (or in this case middle of the night) face I ever heard.

Sam wishing that Dean was watching cartoon smut over reading Dick Roman crap over and over again as self-punishment.

A semi-functioning bathroom and un-rancid bedroom? Is that place for rent? Cuz it sounds better than some places I’ve seen here in LA.

Poor Dean. He never can win at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“I’m Special Agent Smith, this is Special Agent Smith. No relation.” – LOL! Nice Die Hard reference.

“You gonna look up more anime or you strictly into Dick now?” – Nice one, Sammy!

Oooh, and Dean pulls out some mad computer skillz. Sammy has officially been pwned.

“What’s the plan here, exactly?”
“Don’t die.” – To be fair. That is a VERY good plan.

Dean’s ouchie face when trying to do the math on what year he was in.

So in love with the idea of Eliot Ness being a hunter. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

“How does that fill you with awe?”

Another Dean ouchie face, trying to come up with a snappy comeback to Eliot.

Hey, y’all remember when I said last week that Dean could wear anything and look hot? That goes DOUBLE for 40’s gear. *faints*

LOL! Starting to wonder if Ezra is a relative of Bobby’s.

Nearly fainting again when Dean took off his jacket. There’s something about those shoulder holsters that does funny things to my tummy. Tony on NCIS wears one very nicely too. *fans self*

Aw, Rufus memories and Bobby memories. *sniff*

Eliot calling Dean a Nancy and asking him if all hunters were as soft as him in the future.

“Sweet merciful awesome.” – *adds to list of quotes that must be used in real life*

Okay well Bobby never kissed Dean for luck, so I guess that’s one difference between him and Ezra.

Special Agent Costner with Department of Homeland Termite Invasion – I think that may be my favorite fake identity yet.

“Do I have to use my mom voice?” – Jody is my new favorite person.

Dean finding a way to communicate with Sam in the future. All his ouchie thinking faces aside, that guy is one brilliant hunter.

Really digging the effect of Chrono’s heart beating out his last bit of life.

Their future is covered in thick, black, ooze? Oh boy.

Three words: Next Week’s Preview. ‘Nuff said.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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