Project Runway All Stars “A Night At The Opera” Review

This week’s episode of Project Runway All Stars was all about glamour, gowns and guest judges Mark Badgley and James Mischka (Badgley Mischka). In other words, the episode and challenge seemed tailor-made for Austin Scarlett. The designers were charged with creating an evening gown fit for a night at the opera in one day and on a $300 budget. The designers are also aware that the challenge screams Austin Scarlett but a few of them appear up for the challenge.

As the contestants began sketching their designs, we got a flashback to last week as Michael and April once again seem to be in synch. This week, the two have moved beyond mops and have set their sights on creating a red gown for the opera challenge. And the award for the most unnecessary, melodramatic bitch fit in a reality show goes to Michael Costello! Upon learning that he and April both plan to use red fabric he completely overreacts and then settles upon a black, jersey material. Although I think the last minute switch ended up working to Michael’s advantage, he and April have such different aesthetics that identical material or color would never lead to the two creating dresses that are even remotely similar.

As the designers began making their dresses, I shared in Joanna Coles’ concern about Kara’s dress. The pattern looked more suitable for daytime or a bridesmaid dress. I also shared Jerell’s concern about Sweet P.’s dress. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of Sweet P.’s taste so I couldn’t fairly gauge whether or not she was en route to become a fashion disaster.

Austin admits to feeling pressure to win the challenge because he is known for creating beautiful gowns. I understood his anxiety as beautiful gowns were what Austin became most known for during his previous season of Project Runway. I’m guessing the producers are manufacturing drama and that Austin will not disappoint.

The fashion show arrives and for the most part, the gowns turned out as expected. I was a little nervous for Anthony’s dress. It wasn’t my style but I knew it was one of those dresses that the judges would think was absolutely horrid or sheer genius. The judges loved it, although it was a bit over accessorized. I was a little disappointed with Rami’s gown as I usually love his designs. I actually loved Mondo’s ability to make a gown inspired by the 1960s look futuristic. I thought he would have been among the judge’s favorite.

Surprise! Austin bests Michael and wins the challenge. April and Sweet P land in the bottom, and Sweet P is given the boot. Next week…Miss Piggy!!!!!

Sound off below on Project Runway All Stars. Who was your favorite? Did Sweet P. deserve to get cut?