Grimm “Game Ogre” Review


Grimm returned from winter hiatus tonight with the episode “Game Ogre”. Spoiler alert: There’s an ogre. Now that that horrible pun is out of the way, let’s noodle on a few things for a while. What do a judge, a jury foreman, and a district attorney all have in common? If you guessed that they’re all victims in Hank and Nick’s most current case, you’re correct!

Hang and Nick start at the scene of the judge’s death, where we discover the unfortunate man was killed when someone shoved a gavel down his throat. It was gruesome, and obviously our killer has some deeply rooted issues with the dear old judge. Following a finger print from the murder weapon, the partners are lead to the home of a navy officer where they find his dead body sans hand that the fingerprint came from. However they do find a women’s watch that, with the help of Monroe, they are able to trace to a District Attorney who, you guessed it, is also dead.

It’s at this point that Hank realizes who the killer is and shares with the class. Apparently this guy, Stark, was prosecuted in Oregon but transferred to a jail in California where he escaped during a medical transfer. What else do we learn about Stark? He has a rare genetic disorder that causes little to no feeling of pain, and his bones to be extremely dense.

For some reason, this triggers Nick’s Grimm sense, and while Hank is on lock-down under the captain’s orders, he does a little digging through dear aunt Marie’s old trailer. Little does he know that Stark is following him, and ends up planning a not so subtle sneak attack by busting through Nick and Juliet’s window.

This is where it Grimm starts to get interesting. Juliet ends up saving Nick’s life as Stark is successfully kicking his ass. Once settled at the hospital, it seems that Nick may be close to ending it with Juliet because of his Grimm lifestyle and the fact that she was almost killed. Truthfully, I was hoping this would happen and Juliet is expendable and (let’s face it) probably isn’t long for the Grimm world. Heroes can’t have wives! They are the first person a bad guy will go after.

Monroe visits Nick and fills him in that Stark is “your standard ogre”, and that ogres are pretty much impossible to kill. Unless you have a magical potion that will calcify their bones from the inside. Of course Nick happens to have just that, along with a massive rifle that was left to him by aunt Marie. However, with him in the hospital, it’s up to Monroe to retrieve said objects… which he does.

Monroe is a stand up guy. I dig him and feel he needs much more face time on Grimm.

Hank blows off the captains orders and sets out to see Nick where he informs his partner (who spends most of the episode shirtless in a hospital bed) that he’s going to set a trap for Stark and kill him himself. Good luck with that, Hank. Nick sets Monroe after Hank where he and Stark are having a man to ogre showdown… and the ogre is winning by a landslide.

That is until Monroe blasts him one with the shotgun and hightails it out of there. Good job, Monroe! One ogre down.

That was about it with this episode. Now the cops are looking for the owner of the rifle that shot the bullets found in Stark’s body, but even if they could tie it back to aunt Marie’s trailer (which is not likely), Nick won’t be in any immediate danger.

I’ve gotta be honest here – I’m not too thrilled with Grimm. It tries to do fantasy and cop show and sort of falls flat with each. The myths are never flushed out enough, we never get to see Nick doing actual research of these creatures (he just calls Monroe), and basically it’s just him getting his butt kicked each week.

As far as the cop show aspect… well, Grimm lacks with that as well. While solving murders is awesome, investigating (or research) would make the show a lot more interesting. As it is, it’s hard for me to stay completely focused during the hour long episode. Grimm needs to decide if it is going to focus on fairy tales or detective work.

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