Grey’s Anatomy “The Magic Moment” Review

Video taping Zola was such a jarring shift into family mode for Meredith and Derek I was glad that Meredith jokingly threatened suicide in the face of missing Zola’s first step, it made it seem like she’ll still be herself even with a baby.

It was hard to get excited about the giant separate conjoined twin surgery, since Grey’s Anatomy has already featured the more exciting separation of adult twins. That said, I like the head bands for the red team and green team, it was like the whole hospital was getting ready to play capture the flag.

Christina recounting how, exactly Teddy’s husband died while she’s doing heart surgery might be the most dangerous distraction ever on Grey’s, including loning looks, jealous looks, and general competitiveness. And it’s ten time as morbid.

Another grand distraction, however, is arguing, intensely, about your relationship and even dragging in a third party. Bailey still wanting to keep her personal life private is just another reason she’s had one of the consistently strongest character development of anyone on the show. But since Meredith points out everyone in the hospital knows, shouldn’t she drop her guard a little?

Following in the footsteps of Callie and Bailey, Meredith felt the surgical wing of a hospital is a good place to hang out with her baby. At least they stuck to the gallery where Zola could just look at gore from high up enough she probably could only focus on the pretty scrubs.

The twin’s parents were so adorable they managed to stay cute even as they made out while their girls were undergoing major surgery. The father buying the outfits just seemed so pure and simple, like he wasn’t trying to distract himself or their mother but genuinely thought it was good planning to get them their first separate outfits (and those outfits should convey some personality).

Christina staring up with the Henry death monologue was twice as painful after Kepner’s freak out. When she exploded there was a moment of relief, like the morbid diatribe would end. It’s good that in the end, Teddy isn’t blaming Christina. We have learned that Christina break downs are not fun story arcs.

Almost as uncomfortable to watch was Richard’s I am a sad old man speech. It was trite, and it just seems like Richard has been saying his day has come for his career to end for seasons, and I was really starting to like his status as a cryptic but effective wise old yoda figure. It was relieving to realize it was all a tactic to steal the surgery from Karev.

It was a night of speech’s in “The Magic Moment” and Bailey’s self righteous speech about her attention to detail overlapping with the realization that she might have sewed a sponge into the patient was the kind of comic relief the otherwise tense episode really needed. Finding it under her shoe made it ten times better. Her anesthesiologist does seem a little smug, but the fact the they’re moving forward means more time spent on Bailey in the future, which is always good news.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will things work out between Bailey’s love life?