‘Fringe’ Returns To The Other Side in “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” [Advance Review]

Fringe returns tonight with a brand new episode “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” in which Peter decides to go to the Other Side in order to get help from Walternate to get back to his own timeline.

All in all, this is a pretty good episode of Fringe, there aren’t some huge developments, but there are a few revelations that will without a doubt deepen the mystery that is Fringe. So let’s break it down to some of the key moments you can expect from this episode.

Walternate and Bolivia are back!

Since Peter decides to go to the Other Side, you probably guessed that Bolivia wasn’t going to be too far away either. Of course she gets involved with Peter’s mission, which turns out to be way more dangerous than he expected.

As for Walternate, well if you’ve seen the preview for this week’s episode, then you know that Peter does confront him, but will Walternate help him? Well, to quote Walternate himself “not everything is as it seems.” And this is very true in this episode (and pretty much in every Fringe episode).

New shapeshifter revelation

The shapeshifters are back in this episode… ok they never really left, but expect some unexpected revelation about them.

You know, the more I watch Fringe, the more I wonder if there is any way to really defeat them…

The Observer

Ah, The Observer, probably one of the best characters on television. And yes, he does make a reappearance in “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” to bring some puzzling news to Olivia.

It’s clear that tonight’s Fringe is just what I would call an “opening episode” for the year, because it sets up a base story for upcoming episodes and at this point I literally can’t wait to watch the preview for next week for an indication of what to expect.

Don’t forget to watch Fringe tonight, January 13, at 9pm on FOX.