30 Rock “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” Review

30 Rock returned this week and the characters appear to be where they were when we last saw them. We find Jenna, still in pursuit of fame and fortune, serving as a guest judge on a dancing reality show alongside John McEnroe. Jenna has decided to use the mean judge angle to boost her popularity and manages to say some downright hurtful things to unsuspecting little kids. Among the most horrifying thing of Jenna’s comments was her advice that a child should jump back up their mothers you know what. Gasp!

Kenneth is convinced that 2012 will mark the end of the world and is going around advising his coworkers that they are going to hell. He also believes that there will be 72 virgin…margaritas waiting form him in heaven. In sum, Kenneth is still as nutty and gullible as ever.

The only person on 30 Rock who didn’t pick up where we left of was Liz Lemon. Jack and Tracy find Liz’s behavior and new perspective to be suspicious and decide to figure out what has become of her. After sorting through many theories, including Tracy’s suspicion that she was on drugs, we learn that Liz is simply enjoying life…as a WNBA half-time dancer. This was truly the high point of the episode as we got to witness so many awesomely awkward dance moves. I loved the closing scene with everyone sharing their favorite moves. We have Jack to thank for uncovering the mystery. He managed to solve the mystery while also dealing with his own guilt as a father for profiting from Jenna’s success as a bitchy reality show judge who delights in making kids cry. Aside from her WNBA half-time performances, we also learn that Liz has a new man in her life.

It was great to see 30 Rock back in the NBC Thursday night rotation. What did you think about 30 Rock’s return?