What You Should Know About ‘The Finder’ According to Geoff Stults and Exec. Producer Hart Hanson

The Finder An Orphan Walks Into a Bar Episode 1

FOX’s new series The Finder premieres tonight, January 12 at 9pm. The show, a spin-off of the hit drama Bones, centers around private investigator Walter Sherman, a man who is known for two things: his wacky behavior and the fact that he can find anything.

Daemon’s TV was in on the call when star Geoff Stults (who plays Walter on the show) and executive producer Hart Hanson sat down to answer some question about the new series. Here is what we learned from the duo.

The show is a lot of fun.

When asked about what would attract viewers to ‘The Finder’, Geoff said: “It’s fun. My favorite thing about the character [and] the show [is] that it didn’t take itself seriously, at least the character doesn’t take himself seriously and it allows you, the viewer, just to enjoy the ride. ”

Hart Hanson added: “We just want to entertain an audience for an hour once a week.

Walter is not necessarily a guy you’d like to have over for dinner.

Asked to describe his character, Geoff told us: “[Walter]’s not very trusting of people. And he isn’t the perfect dinner guest, but he’s fun. In terms of what he may say; he never intends to be insulting, [but] those kind of behaviors will get you in trouble, [and] they’re also really fun to watch.”

We can expect tons of great guest stars this season.

According to Geoff and Hart, here’s a list of just a few of the guest stars we can expect on the show this season: John Fogerty (the great singer/song writer of Creedence), Eric Roberts, 50 Cent, Michael Des Barres, Amy Aquino and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

Plus, Hart let drop that we can expect Greg Evigan and Mario Van Peebles to stop by. The duo will apparently be playing “a version of the well-known Miami cop duo from the ’80s.”

Hart apparently has a man-crush on Geoff.

When asked how he got the part of Walter on the show, Geoff let us in on a little secret, saying: “It turns out that Hart has had this long-time man crush on me that none of us knew about. And it’s just like the weirdest thing when I finally went in the room, he threw himself at me, and it was awkward, so I felt bad and I was like all right, I’ll do this.”

Geoff had no intention of doing another hour-long drama before he got the script for ‘The Finder’.

Okay so may the whole man-crush thing was exactly the way things went down, but Geoff did tell us the real story of how he became involved in the show, saying: “I made a decision that I was only going to do a half hour [show]. I read [The Finder] and I was like, ah, man, I like this. All right I’ll at least meet with him. I purposely grew out a beard. I didn’t shave. I tried to look as rough as I could because my goal was to walk in there and have Hart be like “this isn’t the guy.” And everything I did backfired on me.”

‘The Finder’ is the JV Team to Bones’ Varsity Team.

Asked about what sets ‘The Finder’ apart from its parent show, Hart had this to say: “Creatively this show stands on its own in my opinion. It lives in the same universe as Bones, meaning that it’s a heightened reality, [but] unlike Bones we won’t try and make you throw up.

Geoff added: “I guess we come from the same world, but the way that I look at it is: I actually called Bones the varsity team and ‘The Finder’ is the JV team. We’re born from Bones. We exist, ‘The Finder’ and the 200 crew members of ‘The Finder’, exist because of the success of Bones.

Leo Knox was originally supposed to be an elderly, skinny, white cowboy.

Michael Clarke Duncan plays Leo Knox on ‘The Finder’ and when asked about how Michael ended up in the role, Hart told us some surprising facts: “The original character of Leo Knox was [like] Sam Sheppard – an elderly, skinny white cowboy. [But] if you have a chance to get someone like Michael Clarke Duncan, you don’t stop and say “does that really match the character?” You write a character to match him. He has his aura and charisma and his whole being that you want to go running at, so that’s what we did.”

Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults are….brothers? (well, sort of)

When asked to describe his chemistry on screen with Michael, Geoff told us: “[Michael] is a giant kid. He has a giant sense of humor and he likes to laugh. He’s a goof ball and it’s the easiest thing in the world to just get him going. And he likes to tease people and I mess with him like he is my big brother. I like to annoy him. It’s like we grew up together and he gets mad and he laughs, so we have a lot of fun.”

Don’t forget to tune in to ‘The Finder’ tonight at 9pm on FOX.

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