The Big Bang Theory “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver” Review

He may not ever acknowledge, or even recognize it, but Sheldon is very lucky to have Penny in his life. And while she may not be able to keep him from making major mistakes in his relationship with Amy, as seen in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver,” Penny will (reluctantly) be there to help him make up for them.

I think we all knew that Sheldon wasn’t going to be boyfriend material (although he seemed surprised to discover this), but it was still painful to see such a smart man utterly dismiss his girlfriend’s major accomplishment simply because biology is icky and doesn’t interest him. With Amy understandably upset at her boyfriend;s lack of so much as a koala bear smile, it’s Penny to the rescue. Rather than try to get Sheldon to realize the error of his ways, she advises him to buy Amy something shiny.

Let me just say, I pretty much love that this worked. Seeing Amy freak out over getting a tiara made my night. There was so much glee and little girl joy…even Sheldon couldn’t resist from putting his arms around her in what he probably considered a very affectionate embrace. But what I really adore is watching this relationship unfold through a somewhat skewered mirror. What I mean by that is that all of these moments have been covered in countless TV shows, but with these two incredibly unique characters, everything seems fresh and new. That is the power of great writing and great acting.

Same thing with Howard and Bernadette. I love that she hates children just as much as I love the fact that Howard wants kids. It’s such a wonderful role reversal, not just in the stereotypical way, but for these individual characters. Bernadette seems like the type who would want to be a mother and Howard seems like he would want to be the eternal bachelor. Flip the script, and suddenly what was old seems new.

I will say that I’m glad this disagreement didn’t derail the wedding train. I want to ride that sucker all the way to the chuppah. So why do I keep feeling like the rug might be pulled out from underneath us at any second?

So glad to see The Big Bang Theory back on track after the last, somewhat disappointing episode before the winter break.

(As a side note, you get 100 extra geek points for this episode if you noticed that the jewelry store was called Frank & Sons, presumably after the massive collectibles and comics show here in Southern California.)

Best Lines:

Raj: (re: Howard’s magic trick) I’m telling you, dude, there’s a seat on the Hogwarts Express with your name on it!

Sheldon: (playing an online RPG) I think I’ll just go in this saloon and drink my troubles away.
Leonard: You know that digital alcohol is never a solution.
Sheldon: I’m gonna have a whiskey; you want anything?
Leonard: Nah, I can’t. I’m playing Grand Theft Auto later.

Sheldon: I don’t think there’s anything in this jewelry store that Amy would like more than the humidifier we were just looking at at Sears.
Penny: Oh my god. Now I know what I sound like to you when I say stupid stuff.

Howard: Maybe me and Bernadette aren’t right for each other.
Leonard: Look, Howard, I’d say there’s a lot of fish in the sea, but I watched you dangle your hook in the water for years. Do not throw her back!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!