‘Supernatural’ Thursdays – Even More Fandom Accomplishments!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2012 is treating you well, and here’s hoping the Mayan’s are wrong. If for whatever reason they’re not, Michelle and I will still continue to bring you Supernatural Thursday until the end of the world, so at least you have that to look forward to!

Before our break during the holidays, I wrote a little piece on the different charities the Supernatural fandom had managed to raise (a lot) of money for. There was an overwhelming response and you guys replied with other amazing feats we’ve accomplished. There were so many, in fact, that I thought it deserved another article! So get ready to pat yourselves on the back again, Supernatural fandom!

Fandom Rocks

Fandom Rocks

While the charity closed on 2010, as reader Boomstickbabykel commented to the previous article, Fandom Rocks was a great fund raiser for two incredible charities. Through this website, we managed to raise $3,350 which meant two different donations. One to the American Cancer Society and the other to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Fandom Rocks ran several different contests to up the ante, but as history show, Supernatural fans don’t need a reward to be generous.

SPN Angels for Animals – A Dog’s Life Rescue

A dog's life

I had several people mention this charity to me via Twitter and the comments, and I’m SO SORRY I left this out initially! SPN Angels for Animals just ended its third fund raising year to raise awareness for A Dog’s Life Rescue. ADLR is a non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected dogs and other animals by providing them with shelter, care, and rehabilitation both medically and emotionally. Jared has been outspoken about this fantastic charity, and of course, this cause the Supernatural fandom to start pouring in whatever funds we could!

Through the SPN Angels for Animals page, you can donate to this great cause. Over the last two years, there has been over $80,000 raised for this foundation.

Random Acts

Random Acts

Again, I’m not sure how I missed this one as Misha Collins isn’t exactly silent about it! Random Acts is Misha’s charity dedicated to… well, a lot. Back in 2009 Misha Collins enlisted the help of his “minions” via Twitter to get the US Government to provide stimulus money for non-profit organizations. This was shelved and instead “MinionStimulus” (Now Random Acts) was formed.

What has the organization accomplished? Nothing much, other than “Hope to Haiti Prjoect” which helped in building schools, feeding and housing some of Haiti’s hungry and homeless children, educated the children of Jacmel, and a lot more. Donating to Random Acts also came with several perks – a trip to Haiti to with Misha and Matt Cohen to further the charity work, and other prizes signed by Misha.

Random Acts also stepped up to help the Japan in the wake of the earthquake that hit in 2011.


I said it before, but it needs repeating: I’m so proud to be a part of this crazy family. It’s amazing to me that even in hard times people can find it in themselves to open their hearts (and wallets) for those that are in need. The Supernatural fandom proves that if we rally together, we can truly accomplish anything.

Have a wonderful 2012 everyone!

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