Revenge “Infamy” Review

This week’s episode of Revenge was one of the most enjoyable episodes since the show began. While I understand that a lot of people dug the Tyler subplot, his was never my favorite part of the show. I like it when Emily is going up against Victoria in a cunning and possibly violent bitch off and for me, Tyler distracted from the best the show has to offer. Now that Tyler is out of the picture after last week’s foray into crazy land, the show has gotten back on track with its formula. Now, I know what you’re thinking: formula? Yuck. So predictable, especially if you’ve seen over two hundred episodes of Law and Order or every episode of Criminal Minds.

And usually, I would agree. I myself am not the biggest fan of formulaic shows. But usually the formula involves good people trying to do good things by locking up bad people in a bad world. This show is different. This is about terrible, snobby, scummy people doing abhorrent, low, undercut things in a world where, if life was a horse race, they’d have the best odds. Even the quote-unquote “poor” folks in Revenge – namely Jack and Declan Porter – own their own restaurant and are far from the most realistic portrayal of middle to low income families, as portrayed on say The Middle.

There’s just something so pleasing about Emily’s scheming. It’s television truly fulfilling fantasy in the best way. So in this episode Emily is going after the author of The Society Connection Mason Treadwell, the guy who, for a short time, tricked her childhood self into believing that her father was guilty-something not even the courts could do. Watching her and Nolan on the tour of his house, listening to him boast about his “authentic” writing style and the single copy of his memoirs was just delightfully smug and gratifying.

Nolan is fast becoming my favorite character, rivalling even Madeline Stowe’s Victoria-though with the revelation at the episode’s close and all of her trickery which went into sercuring the majority shares of the company via Daniel, it’ll be a while yet until anyone manages to usurp the lady.

I’m still not sure where the writers are going with Real Emily/Fake Amanda character. She seems out of place, especially since Jack is such a dull character that it’s questionable why he’s on the show, nevermind her. But I’ll go along with it mainly because they keep managing to incorporate her craziness with the main plot. Her interactions with Emily are gold.

The show also has not figured out how to tell the lovey-dovey Declan and Charlotte love story and it’s by far the weakest part of the show. I’d be interested to see a romantic story done well on television-at the moment the only couple I actually care about is April and Andy on Parks and Recreation-but these two characters are so thinly drawn that I don’t even care that they’re alive, never mind that they’re actually doing stuff on screen.

But really, there’s so much to love about the show that not even they can ruin it for me: seeing Daniel evolve into a character with schemes of his own is both gratifying and a relief. Whereas Jack is an ideal, Daniel is becoming more of a character as he follows his mother down the rabbit hole. Plus, since the show started in media res, we know that any time “married” is mention with relation to Daniel and Emily, the screen might as well flash the word: “DOOM!”

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