Person of Interest “Super” Review

Man, I don’t know about you guys but I almost felt like I needed a “Previously on…” refresher before going into tonight’s episode of Person of Interest, “Super”. I mean, it isn’t like I was concerned that Reese wasn’t going to pull through or anything, but I would have appreciated more than just a quick scene. I guess congratulations are in order to the PoI editors who trusted their audience to be smart enough not to need the handholding!

Anyway, Finch bribes a nearby surgeon to stitch Reese up and we get right into our PoI for the week: Dexter‘s own David Zayas playing the titular “Super”, Ernie Trask. I’ve really liked the way that this show has changed up its formula when it needs to. Having Reese being physically incapable of going out in the field made for a fun little change of pace as we see Finch doing some leg work for once. We’re only 12 episodes into this great new show, and the fact that they’re already willing to change up the formula is really encouraging. I hope to see more of this as the season unfolds.

This past week at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, CBS executives and the Person of Interest show runners discussed some of the complaints and criticisms they’ve heard about the show, and they directly addressed my biggest problem with the show: Taraji P. Henson’s character. They admitted that her character has been a little too much on the periphery, and hasn’t interacted with the main players in any sensical way. However, it looks like they’re changing that as well. It looks like Reese’s past is catching up with Carter, as the CIA is following her all over the city. I think this is a great progression for the show, and I hope they find even more ways to tie her into Reese’s story.

Even with Reese’s injury, we still got a pretty awesome fight scene at the end. I can safely say that was the only fight scene I’ve ever seen where eye gouges, letter openers, and crutches were all being used as weapons.

Not only was all this cool stuff going on, but we even got a little more backstory into the creation of the machine back in 2005, and Carter even got a chance to see the machine in action! I’m not sure if it’s absence has just made my heart grow fonder of this show, but this was one heck of a great way to ring in the back half of this solid debut season. Here’s to hoping they can keep up the quality for the rest of the episodes!

Random Thoughts:

– I guess the Showtime stars all got off work at the same time and ran over to work on Person of Interest! The surgeon who stitched up Reese was the crooked diplomat from Homeland, and the PoI for the week was from Dexter.

– Now I’m not an expert on computers or anything, but I’m pretty sure dumping coffee on a keyboard doesn’t completely wipe the hard drive memory.

– I feel kinda bad for David Zayas. According to Finch, Ernie Trask is supposed to be 51 years old. David Zayas just turned 42! Poor guy is already getting cast for characters in their fifties!