Parks And Recreation “The Comeback Kid” Review

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation returned to NBC today after winter break. Not only did it return, but it returned with a vengeance. Tonight’s episode “The Comeback Kid” brought Parks and Rec back to its roots I dare say. Before Parks and Rec left for winter break, the series was lacking in what made it great from the beginning: the laugh-out-loud moments and one liners.

I’m happy to say that “The Comeback Kid” is not only a great title for a description of the episode, but also for the series as a whole.

What happened tonight? Well, Leslie is in full campaign mode and sets everyone in motion to stage a political rally the likes that Pawnee has never seen. Ann is her campaign manager (who can’t manage to book a local sports hero for the meeting), Tom decides to shape up the meeting place, Ron will take care of building the stage, and Jerry will lasso the people and bring them to the meeting.

Surprisingly, no one succeeds except Jerry; but through the planning we have plenty of laughs and one liners. Between Andy and April’s three legged dog, and Ben’s claymation, Parks and Recreation had me laughing out loud. In my living room. Alone.

Spoiler Alert!

You could see it coming a mile away, but I love that Ben is now stepping in as Leslie’s campaign manager. It’s the most logical choice, and a great way to keep Ben and Leslie together which is the point of the show, right? (That could be my wishful thinking talking)

I am curious to see where Ben and Chris’ relationship heads. It’s obvious that the two of them are friends, but it seems almost like Chris cares for Ben like a big brother. The characters have always been what carried Parks and Recreation, which is why I was so happy with tonight’s episode.

Parks and Recreation is wonderful, and has come back to a much simpler format that made us love it to begin with. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store for us!

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