Bones “The Crack in the Code” Review

BONES The Crack in the Code Season 7 Episode 6

Okay so y’all are free to correct me if I’m wrong but I truly can’t remember another time where an episode of Bones ended without the killer going away for a very long time. In this winter finale, called “The Crack in the Code”, a very scary man does just that. He finds a crack in the code – specifically the code on his ankle bracelet that tells law enforcement where he is every 28 seconds. Why does he do it? So he can murder a woman, cut her up, and dump her in a museum, basically just to prove that he’s better than our team. The only trouble is, no one can actually prove any of it.

I usually keep pretty good track of time while I’m watching any show, thanks to my trusty DVR. But I’ll admit that I had no clue how close we were to the end when we hit the musical montage. I truly thought our gang was going to find a way to catch Pelant and didn’t realize the episode was over until the credits came up. So it looks like we’ve got another major foe on our hands, worthy enough it seems to walk in the footprints left by serial killers like The Gormogon and Booth’s former sniper buddy, Jacob Broadsky.

Meanwhilem the secondary storyline in this one centered on Booth and Bones looking for a new home for them and their baby. After both have no luck searching the conventional way, Booth finds one at an auction and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all fixed up.

All in all, I found this episode of Bones to be a great winter finale and I shall be counting the days until this show comes back.

My favorite bits..

Okay. Ew. I didn’t think it could get worse than the normal bodies they trot out, but that message on the statue knocked up the ickiness factor by about ten.

Haha! A ‘Girl Cave’ – I so need one of those, too.

Human gut string? Oh dear, why do I always insist on eating dinner before watching this show?

“What? It’s kinda military. He had a uniform.” – Haha!

…and now the roach talk is adding to the nausea. Nice.

Gross-out moments for me so far = 3. And we’re barely 12 minutes in. Nicely done,

Sweets correctly translating the real estate ads in the newspaper.

“Well, I figured the ‘oh’ implied all the potential problems. Why guild the lily?”

“Crappy date night; excellent crime solving.” – Aw.

…and the gross-out moment count is now up to 4. This show is on its game tonight.

Aw, I think Sweets buying Daisy a Vespa is perfect. What a great birthday present!

Literally laughing out loud at the sight of Sweets in that helmet.

“Why is this man wearing an Easter egg on his head?”

Yep, already up to #5. Gross-out moments are coming fast and furious tonight.

“Fire in the bones!” – I’m so going to find a way to use that line.

Caroline driving a Gremlin. That was beyond awesome. Nearly my entire family drove those things when I was a kid. Our driveway was full of them.

A computer virus in the bones? That is absolutely brilliant (purely from a writer point of view, from a criminal point of view it is of course sick and twisted.)

Hanging body with no face? Yep, I’d say that qualifies as gross-out moment #6.

Oops. Guess it wasn’t the newspaper guy after all. I was suspicious of him but not anymore.

“I don’t know anyone smarter than I am.” – I love Brennan so much.

Give Hodgins his regards? Okay this Pelant guy is totally on my crap list now. Can’t wait until they catch him.

Rather enjoying tonight’s version of the montage. Not only with our team working to solve the crime as usual, but also featuring Pelant working on his next bit of evil doing. The whole thing was eerie and also kinda cool.

Booth and Bones finding their house. Aw, loved how they both saw the bones of the place and how it would be wonderful someday.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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