Body of Proof “Shades of Blue” Review

TV dramas are to be believed, there are more dirty cops than there are good ones, and with this week’s episode, “Shades of Blue,” Body of Proof added their name to the long list of shows out to prove it.

I’m still unclear about exactly why the undercover cop was killed by his fellow cop buddy. Did the dead guy figure out the cop was dirty; did the other cop like the dead guy’s hot wife? These things were never discussed. Most of the episode was concentrated on the clash between the police and the ME’s office when Nick’s old partner is framed for the murder.

For once on a cop drama I would like to see the former partner of a suspected dirty cop easily accept the idea that they might be guilty. “Yeah, that guy was a real tool…I can totally see him shooting someone in the back of the head.” But, alas, TV cops are blindly loyal. Usually it comes back to bite them in the ass, but this time, at least, Nick was right about his buddy. It was just too bad he had to risk his job and his partnership with Megan in order to prove his case.

I continue to love Curtis; his “always look on the dark side of life” attitude serves him well in that he’s often the voice of reason and sanity. He sees the war between the lab and the PD coming from a mile away, early enough to get out of the line of fire and leave the water bottle full of mixed urine samples that the PD kindly give them to Ethan. That’s my kind of guy.

Pretty Dani was missing this week, not a total loss although she does spice things up a bit. Megan’s daughter, Lacey, was also AWOL. In their absence, we got treated to more Kate who is, all things considered, a fairly good boss. There was also a potential new love interest for Megan in the form of the PD captain. But what happened to the FBI agent? Will we ever see him again?

Speaking of Megan, she got to play doctor for the living this week when she correctly diagnosed Detective Bud’s pregnant wife’s gestational diabetes. It was the first time we’ve met the woman, that I know of, but there was a very sweet moment with her and Bud. He’s definitely growing softer, becoming a character we like more and more every episode.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!