NCIS: Los Angeles “Exit Strategy” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles Exit Strategy Season 3 Episode 13

Methinks that NCIS: Los Angeles is trying and tell us from now on when we’re going to be watching something serious. Tonight’s episode, called “Exit Strategy”, started without the usual kickass theme music and ended without the normal funny final blackout moment (as I’ve come to call the final line of dialogue over the closing credits). In between we had a storyline that centered around the woman that Sam lied to while undercover. Jada is in the US now and as she has started acting as a witness to her brother’s (and his associates) illegal activities, she has become a target.

Ever since Sam left Jada in that hangar, I wondered if we would see her again. Tonight, Sam finally gets the chance to tell Jada what she probably didn’t want to hear but needed to anyway – that he never had a choice about the things that he did and said to her. It was nice that he was able to get that off his chest and it did seem to help her a little but I have to admit being just a smidge disappointed that tonight’s episode didn’t let us in on any more clues about Sam’s mysterious family. After all, the last time we saw Jada, that’s what happened. Oh well, all in good time I suppose.

Since it’s clear that Khaled is sticking around, I just hope the next time we see Sam’s family that they are okay. I have a feeling Khaled wasn’t joking when he said he was ready to come after the people Sam cares about.

My favorite bits..

Okay wait. WHAT?? Where did the opening credits go??

“Do we need to check your trunk?”

Hetty proposing that Granger was off making another team’s life a living hell. Yep, sounds about right.

The HQ is in Los Feliz? (well, that’s what Nell said) Aha! I always knew something was up in that neighborhood.

Nell demonstrating the jinx “dead arm rules” to Eric. Haha! I’m with Eric, we always played with soda rules when I was a kid. Specifically we always said “you owe me a Coke!”

“Smells like a roller rink out here.” Haha! I’m so in love with the fact that Deeks used to go to roller rinks. I used to love those places, too.

Oops, looks like Deeks is the one with the dead arm now. I feel bad for him though because that was a totally valid question. I always tell people I feel like I was the son my dad never had. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Kensi and I must be twins.

“Calf roping champion?

Eric winning at jinx again. He’s pretty good at that game.

“He’s got a grenade!”
“Oh come on! Who does that?” – I love how Deeks always says the things that us real people would be thinking in a situation like that.

Finding out that in Deeks’ head, talking French and talking dirty are apparently the same thing.

Hetty pointing out to Callen that he needed to be extra careful because Sam was willing to sacrifice his own life to save Jada and Elmslie’s family.

Oh my, my, my …loving that suit on Deeks.

Kensi playing the wimpy secretary (complete with tears) to Deeks’ jerk of a boss. Those two continually prove how brilliant they are. Could we have wacky undercover assignments for them every single ep? Cuz they’re tons of fun.

“Just because I make this look easy doesn’t mean it is.” – Ha! I love Eric.

Kensi telling Deeks that Sam was the most honorable man she knew. I believe that. I don’t think anything ever happened between him and Jada.

Nell admitting that she may, or may not, have been doing some Facebook stalking. LOL.

Haha! Hetty RULES at jinx.

Whoa. Funny Final Blackout Moment replaced by a Serious Final Blackout Moment: the sound of Sam cocking his gun.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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