Could ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Get Made Into a Movie at ABC Family

the nine lives of chloe king

It looks like the recently canceled, short-lived series The Nine Lives of Chloe King could be getting a second life via their home network ABC Family. Despite getting pink-slipped in September, the network announced at the winter press tour of the Television Critics Association that “we are on the verge of putting a (Chloe King) movie into development.”

There are no details on story, but the plan is “to capitalize on the storytelling that’s already been in place”. Dan Berendsen, who developed and executive produced the series, is on board to write the Chloe King movie.

The series was pulled from the network after only one season despite the network stating, they “loved the cast; (they) loved the writing on (the) show. (They) had to choose between what (they) thought was resonating stronger for the audience”. [Source: Deadline]