Castle”Till Death Do Us Part” Review

CastleTill Death Do Us Part Season 4 Episode 11

When you see a title like “Till Death Do Us Part” you know that there’s going to be a wedding and oh what a wedding it was. But before the wedding, there was also a murder, which is pretty much how things go on Castle.

The gang is after a murderer who poisoned a man and tossed him (naked, no less) out of a window. The more they find out about their victim, the more Castle is convinced that he’s not just some regular guy. In true Castle form, he comes up with a wacky theory about how the dude could have been a spy, but unfortunately their inadvertent sky diver actually turns out to be a pick-up artist.

This revelation leads them to think that it was a woman scorned that pushed him out of a window, and it also leads to a very interesting photograph in his book of conquests. Seems Romeo had a fling with none other than Ryan’s fiancé..while they were dating. Everyone struggles to figure out how to tell him but I love that it turned out to be no big deal at all since they weren’t exclusive at the time and Ryan knew all about it. Wow, an adult relationship. Don’t see those very often.

In the end, the murder is solved and best of all, everyone makes it to the ceremony on time. Lanie and Esposito each discover that they both brought fake dates to the wedding and I’m glad they are friendly again. Though I do miss them as a couple.

Finally, the joy on Ryan’s face when we saw him on his wedding day was so sweet and I’m sure that some of that happiness came from Seamus getting to see his real-life wife in a wedding dress again. Ryan and Jenny are a cute couple, but I think I secretly heart Seamus and Juliana more. It’s impossible to choose though, they’re all so darn sweet.

My favorite bits..

Yay! I found the pineapple….oh crap, wrong show again. Rats.

Yikes, nothing like a naked body falling into a pile of fruit to kill the mood.

“I know, I know, we’re nauseating.” – Well, I didn’t want to say it first.

Aw, poor Esposito. Lanie already has a boyfriend?

Haha, I totally knew Castle was talking about Alexis. But Beckett’s reaction was classic.

“So, he’s naked.”

Ryan whispering that he was happy to be in a healthy relationship after Castle’s whole black widow speech.

“I think I would know who I was sleeping with.”
“Apparently you don’t.”

Lanie snapping at Beckett to let her finish her sentence. Whoa.

Ryan eyeing Esposito’s donut while drinking his sad little cleanse drink. Aw.

“Even their hypothetical fury is unnerving.”

The little smile Beckett gave when Castle spotted that the ID was a fake.

“Why do you have to call it cake? It’s money.” – Haha, poor Ryan is not enjoying the food reference it seems.

Esposito giggling at the name of Lanie’s wedding date, until he saw “Captain America’s” stats. Oopsie.

Beckett reluctantly admitting that she couldn’t think of anything better than Castle’s spy theory.

“Hey relax man, it happens to a lot of guys. Get a little excited and lose control of your steamer.” – Hahaha!

Is it just me, or is Beckett calling Esposito “Espo” more in this ep?

Beckett calling Esposito “The Situation.”

Oh noes! Ryan’s Jenny is in the book?

Castle’s reaction to Beckett using the word “all.”

Ryan and Espo (I think I’m going to start calling him that now, too) getting into a wresting match over a donut.

Everyone getting Ryan to eat.

Finding out that Jenny had been completely up front with Ryan about what happened with Bailey. Yep, I definitely like this girl.

Finding out the truth about Lanie and Espo’s dates. Aw, too cute.

Castle and Beckett smiling when they saw Ryan coming and how happy he looked.

Beckett keeping the groom from seeing the bride before the ceremony. Aw.

Castle and Beckett walking down the aisle. LOL. Subtle, very subtle.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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