5 TV Families I Wish I Was A Member Of

5 TV Families I Wish I Was A Member Of

Television has a long history of producing both memorable (the Sopranos) and memorably kooky (the Addams family, anyone?) families, but the best TV families are the ones you so look forward to visiting every week that you can almost imagine you’re a long lost cousin yourself. The five families below are by turns loving, dysfunctional and so much fun to watch that as wonderful as my own family is (and they’re pretty darn wonderful) I routinely find myself daydreaming about pulling a Cousin Oliver and showing up on their fictional doorsteps suitcase in tow.

The Bravermans – Parenthood

parenthood nbc

Coming from a much smaller family unit myself, the sprawling, chaotic nature of the Braverman clan is awfully appealing. They may get into their share of screaming matches, but being a Braverman also means barbeques, family game nights and always having a shoulder to cry on. Zeke and Camille have created a remarkable sense of stability and home for not only their children, but their grandchildren too. The Bravermans are a rarity in a medium littered with adult characters plagued by mommy and daddy issues: they are a functional nuclear family. As a bonus, I can’t imagine how living in a world where Lauren Graham was my sister would be a bad one.

The Gallaghers – Shameless


The Gallaghers are hardly The Brady Bunch: they have an alcoholic father, a flaky mother and they never have any money. On the surface, they don’t exactly sound like dream family material, but together the six Gallagher kids are a smart, resourceful and close-knit family who always have each other’s backs. Every day may be a struggle, but knowing you have siblings who love you enough to hit a guy in the knee with a baseball bat for dangling you out of a window is far more valuable than money.

What makes me envy the Gallaghers the most though is their commitment to the “it takes a village” approach to child rearing. Family doesn’t end with blood for Fiona and her siblings; instead they draft everyone from lone wolf Steve to their housebound neighbor to form a patchwork community of caregivers. They may not always have a functioning water heater, but the Gallaghers have an abundance of love and that’s good enough for me… as long as I don’t have to babysit Carl.

The Ponds – Doctor Who

DOCTOR WHO A Good Man Goes to War (3)

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a family that spends most of their time bouncing around the universe in a blue policebox with an eccentric, adventure-seeking alien? Okay, so thanks to their time travel shenanigans Amy and Rory’s personal history looks like a giant scribble, but that’s a small price to pay for getting the opportunity to meet Vincent van Gogh or honeymoon in The TARDIS. Besides, being related to awesome ladies like Amy and River would be incentive enough, but having The Doctor as an extended family member seals the deal. Just think about how cool it would be to be able to hitch a ride to New New New York whenever you felt like it.

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker-Delgados – Modern Family

Modern Family Lifetime Supply Season 3 Episode 11 (17)

Much like with the Bravermans, the appeal here is the sheer size of the family. What can I say? I like a family big enough to get lost in. If I had to narrow it down to one branch though, I’d pick the Dunphys’ house to call home base. Phil may be the only dad on the planet who can drink out of a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug without it seeming hyperbolic and his relationship with Claire feels sweet and positive even when they disagree. I would happily play big sister or aunt to Haley, Alex and Luke if it meant being included in the Dunphy family Christmas card.

The Cobbs, Cougar Town

Cougar Town Cobb Family

Being a member of the Cobb family would mean guaranteed entry to Jules’s kitchen for wine drinking and a spot in all Penny Can tournaments. Bobby could teach me how to noodle and Grayson could serenade me with silly songs while Ellie and Laurie schooled me in the fine art of snarking– in short, being a Cobb would be like having an unlimited pass to the greatest, stress-free theme park on Earth. Besides, minus the constant wine drinking, Jules isn’t all that unlike my own awesome mom, so she could task me with making sure Travis was reminded of just how lucky he is every single day.


Now that you’ve seen my picks, I want to know which TV families you secretly fantasize about joining. Tell me all about them in the comments below!

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