Shameless “Summertime” Review

Shameless was one of the best shows last year. It’s a remake that knew how to be remade: it takes everything that worked really well in the original UK version and it ditched (or tried to ditch) the stuff that didn’t work. Almost everything that didn’t work involved Frank, but the rest of the series was so good, led by an outstanding Emmy Rossum, that it didn’t matter at all.

This year when we meet up with the Gallaghers, Frank is still a mess, Fiona is working night time at a night club and she has a new handsome beau, Lip is now making money allowing himself to get pummelled in a ring not to mention that he’s helping out Kev (and his foster daughter) sell some pot in his brand new ice cream truck, Ian is overseeing his brother’s pummelling, Debbie (Emma Kenney is surely one of the best child actors working on television) is running the Gallagher’s illegal babycare centre.

Coming back to Shameless after so long on is like reuniting with a family. An exagerrated, far more dysfunctional version of your own family (hopefully) but it’s surprising how much I missed this show. The characters are all flawed and it’s the perfect example of people trying to get by in the world. They’re not interested in doing good things or being better people or making the world a better place. They’re victims of the world and they’re just barely keeping their heads above the surface.

There are very few shows that’d make you laugh out loud when a father agrees to basically leave his toddler son in a cage to a bunch of thugs looking to get ten grand out of him.

This season of Shameless has worked out of alot of the kinks: Frank is not nearly as annoying, though that might just be because I’ve grown more used to Macy’s performance. It is still just as fun, messy, emotionally satisfying as it ever was and its return to television is more than welcome: just look at Fiona pushing the shotgun out of her face while she and the rest of the Gallagher kids get Liam back while Frank crouching on the floor. It’s hilarious, awesome, sad, weird, desperate and the best moment of television I’ve seen all week.

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