The Simpsons “Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson” Review

The Simpsons starts off with the family heading to cousin Kathy’s wedding. Episodes of The Simpsons always start off with a random premise that bears no connection to the rest of the show, so I was pretty sure we would never see cousin Kathy or her wedding ceremony. Homer’s airplane meltdown, “Fatso goes Nutso” was epic and truly enjoyable to watch. After over twenty years of watching The Simpsons, the show managed to still show a new side of Homer’s crazy. Homer’s unbridled rage against the airlines turned him into a local hero and overnight celebrity, thanks in part to Bart posting the video and ensuring that it was properly tagged.

Homer’s new found fame lands him a spot on a political show aptly called, “Head Butt.” It was a fine Simpsons-like tribute to what now seems like the endless array of political shows where the loudest person appears to win political debates by default – regardless of the logic or lack thereof, underlying their arguments. Homer was born for this job. He proved to be just the type of “ill-informed gas bag that networks cannot get enough of” and as a result, is rewarded with his own show – “Gut Check with Homer Simpson.”

I liked Homer’s attempt to be folksy by sitting on a porch with fake chickens. He masterfully channels his inner Glenn Beck by going on a rant about several things that I cannot recall, including Ochocino and something for fat kids, which culminated in a tearful meltdown. As expected, Lisa tries to provide a voice of reason but it is too late as the town has gone gravy crazy. I’m ready for the downward spiral – particularly after Homer decides to endorse Ted Nugent for president. No Mr. Nugent, “antlers ain’t meat” but that ain’t making them a vegetarian meal either.

As an aside, Homer should take some advice from Mozart James Madison – I want you should not eat gas station pizza! Woof.

Thanks to the founding fathers impersonators or nerds as Oscar James Madison described them to Homer, we have a much needed intervention. Homer gives up the tea bag gravy pot and comes to his senses. Episodes like this are funny but also a bit disturbing because what should be purely satirical feels a wee bit too close to reality at times. Eek!

Favorite moments and other observations…

I’m pretty sure I saw a shake weight among the items that Homer took out of the crowded suitcase at the airport.

Don’t tread on pee!

Do yourself a favor and re-watch the episode so that you can pay close attention to the news crawl during Head Butt.

Homer watches women’s tennis because he likes to hear them grunt. Not surprising.

Sound off below on tonight’s episode of The Simpsons. As a Philadelphia resident, the use of the impersonators was pretty funny – I see Benjamin Franklin giving tours every weekend on my way to the gym.