The Cleveland Show “Y Tu Jr. Tambien?” Review

If you had money on Cleveland Jr. being as gay as Stewie Griffin, you might have to rethink your bet after seeing “Y Tu Jr. Tambien?” this week’s episode of The Cleveland Show.

As per usual, Cleveland is concerned that his plump, soft “daddy’s boy” son isn’t quite normal, and he pushes the clueless kid into finding a girlfriend, presumably one as pudgy and awkward as he is. To everyone’s surprise, and Cleveland’s eventual jealousy, Junior lands a curvy and illegal Mexican immigrant, Cecilia, who just happens to adore him…and it might not even have anything to do with the fact that he strongly resembles her father.

So the stage is set for a ton of jokes that play off as many Mexican stereotypes as you can fit in a sombrero. Most of the lines go to Rallo, of course, as it somehow makes them funny if they come from the mouth of a tiny black kid.

I’m not exactly sure how to approach this episode because if I say that it was funny, then it’s almost like I’m condoning an attitude that I have always found repulsive. There really isn’t anything funny about racism…so why did I find myself laughing when jokes were being cracked about pinatas and salsa and the men on the sidewalks of L.A. who sell inflatable representations of Batman and Dora the Explorer out of their shopping carts?

Seth MacFarlane has this annoying, yet diabolically genius way of making us confront the stereotypes we don’t even realize we have until he throws them in our face by means of his outrageous characters who pretty much do and say all the things that self-proclaimed “good people” only think. I liken him to a kid at a snooty dinner party who gleefully informs the guests how babies are made. He enjoys making us uncomfortable.

But we should be uncomfortable about racism. In that respect, I almost feel like it’s okay that I found this episode amusing. If the goal was to make the audience stop and wonder why they were laughing about these things, then feel bad about doing so…well, mission accomplished, Seth!

Your evil plan seems to be working.

Oh, and Junior is married now? I doubt we’ll ever hear about this again, but it’s interesting to note.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!