Blue Bloods “Whistle Blower” Review

By now we know that if a couple is enjoying a romantic dinner on Blue Bloods and one of them isn’t a Regan, someone’s going to be shot and killed. “Whistle Blower,” as expected follows sweet candle-lit romantic moment with fatal shots to the chest. Welcome back Blue Bloods.

Possibly the best scene of the night was the mounted police graduation. The combination of the story of Frank’s great uncle, which both shows us even deeper Reagan ties to the police force and that not all the Reagans in blue have been upstanding, and the juxtaposition of the old fashioned horse riding cops and the modern police force tablet was great.

I think having the policeman’s assault on a civilian end up being justified was an interesting twist and not something you often see on TV. Normally when a beat-down is being remixed on YouTube on a drama you have to deal with a dirty cop who was messing with the guy for fun. That expectation was set up even further when they showed some cops from Jamie’s squad laughing at the YouTube post like it’s something they’d like to participate in. It was also interesting that Frank found a way to get the journalists unedited footage by pretending he was going to go after the cop.

Erin’s sense of guilt over the death of her informant was acted well, with the two best examples being her trip to the widow’s house and the moment on the bed with her daughter.

Her daughter’s question about her mom’s guilt did seem a little blunt and harsh, but it also framed the intensity of Erin’s guilt well. The fact that the teen points out that her mom cared about the man also reinforced the fact that was a little too often mentioned, that Erin put this victim in a different category than most of the informants she had worked with because he came to her of his own accord, not to get out of any trouble he was in but because he thought exposing corruption was the right thing to do.

The moment at the widow’s house as she screamed at her to leave them alone Erin just looked so shaken, like she’d never been yelled at before and didn’t know how to react. I’m going to assume her ability to be so thoroughly rattled was a result of her intense guilt because a lawyer should probably have a pretty thick skin in the face of a verbal assault.

Frank scarring Danny by telling him IA had put cameras in his interrogation room was another great Reagan family dinner moment, but it also means the chief of police knows one of his officers is consistently roughing up perps, which I feel like is something he should have tried to discourage after the joke.

The scene of the widow’s confession, that she had outed her husband’s informant status was shocking if only because of her lack of remorse. She seemed to be totally confident that being a snitch was worse than playing a part in the murder of the father of your children. At least Erin won’t have to go into therapy now.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did Frank handle the cop who beat the civilian properly?