A Gifted Man “In Case of a Bolt from the Blue” Review

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and in ‘In Case of a Bolt from the Blue’ that is certainly true. The three cases this week are Mary, an agoraphobe with high blood pressure and diabetes; Dante, a young hypochondriac who has been struck by lightning; and Michael himself.

Mary was interesting in theory. That someone might have slipped through the gaps after Anna’s death and suffered because of it was a good plot point. Anna’s personalised care was bound to cause an issue somewhere along the line and Mary was it — an agoraphobe who had her medications hand delivered by Anna, unbeknown to — or, perhaps, unremembered by — the rest of the clinic staff. But Mary was really just a variation on the homeless guy from a previous episode — suffering from dementia and unable to really look after herself properly. While the homeless guy’s story didn’t end on a happy note, it looks as though Mary will be fine given time. There was so much more they could have done with this storyline.

Dante’s case definitely didn’t go the way I had expected. It looked as though it was going to be a case of bullying or a crazy mother, but instead the kid was struck by lightning. I can’t say it was a great storyline but it’s definitely memorable, and I’m always glad to see Anton actually doing something, even if it’s just trying to create the next generation of shamans.

I don’t even mind how ridiculous Michael’s impromptu surgery was because nothing brings friends together like operating on a hernia. After this week’s episode I’m going to (futilely) hope that for some reason, however crazy and out there, Michael and Rita find themselves working at the clinic full time. I absolutely love Michael and Zeke’s interactions and I think Rita and the clinic staff would be hilarious. Alas, as likeable as she was in this episode, I still think Anna’s presence as a ghost is the weak link in this series. It’s time for her to be phased out so Michael can grow as a person based on the new people around him, rather than continually being coaxed by his dead ex-wife.

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