The Secret Circle “Darkness” Review

In ‘Darkness’, Cassie wants to know more about dark magic. While she looks through her book of shadows, Adam looks for more information online. Diana takes a peak at Adam’s computer screen and thus Cassie’s secret is revealed to the whole circle. The stress of potentially having dark magic makes Cassie dream about Jake, the only person with proper information on the matter, so she decides to summon him to her with an attraction spell. Diana sees and tells Cassie to come stay at her house until Jane gets back from a healing retreat.

There Cassie meets Diana’s youthful (and kind of hot) grandmother, who immediately notes that Cassie has dark magic in her blood and offers to help. And so off they go to the woods to do a ritual which will cleanse Cassie of her dark magic. Except it’s actually a ritual to kill Cassie – or bring her close to death, at least – to prove that she does have dark magic. Apparently Cassie is the one who will tip the scales of magic in favour of good or bad. Or something. Cassie survives and goes back to Diana’s house to brood on her dark magic. “How powerful are you?” Diana asks. Cassie looks out the window to where Jake stands, summoned by her earlier spell.

Meanwhile, Melissa grows a backbone, and Faye goes to a hot Voodoo Dude to have a spell done that will give her individual magic. It doesn’t take her long to realise that Voodoo Dude’s ritual was a sham — but he swears his grandparents were voodoo practitioners and that he can help Faye. The cost? Well, they’ll come to some sort of arrangement, winkwink nudgenudge.

This episode can be summarised as ‘Cassie almost dies, Adam emos, Diana acts twice her age, Faye tries to be an individual witch again’, which is pretty much the same as every other episode of The Secret Circle. I’m struggling to write this review because it’s all so samey and blah. Diana’s grandmother was pretty awesome, but apparently she’s gone now, ‘for ever’ Diana hopes. Maybe she’ll be back soon, who knows, but someone’s going to have to fill us in on this whole scale tipping good/bad thing that Cassie will be involved in.

And now Jake’s back. Really, if Cassie’s so powerful can she bring Nick back to life one day? Please? He was actually interesting and, dare I say it, played by a pretty decent actor. The dude behind Jake could be replaced by a cardboard cutout and a voice recording and I doubt anyone would notice the difference. (If you’ve ever read my The Vampire Diaries reviews then my thoughts on Jake can be summarised thusly: he is TSC‘s very own Hot Uncle Lockwood and his sole facial expression.)

Despite everything above, I don’t dislike TSC. In fact, I quite enjoy watching it for some masochistic reason. For all its blahness, this week’s episode was entertaining enough and I look forward to seeing how close to death Cassie comes next week. I think we can safely assume Cassie won’t be going totally dark side any time soon, but will her mysterious half-sibling? Can we assume that Faye is her half-sister and that whatever she does with Voodoo Dude will open her up to her dark side potential? I bloody hope so. This show needs something to pep it up.

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