Supernatural “Adventures in Babysitting” Review

Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting Season 6 Episode 11

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is aptly named. Sam and Dean both end up having some “Adventures in Babysitting” when a young girl calls looking for Bobby after her hunter father disappears. The guys are still struggling after Bobby’s death, and frankly so am I. I didn’t want to believe he was gone. The whole hiatus I tried to convince myself that maybe the doctors revived him after the last episode ended.

When Sam gets the call from Krissy, he immediately wants to go help. But Dean is concentrating on deciphering the numbers that Bobby left them and figuring out a way to serve Dick Roman’s head on a platter. So they decide to go their separate ways. No drama, no real fight – they just each do what they have to do and I saw that as a real mark of maturity in them. It may have taken Dean a while to accept, but his brother is a grown (perhaps overgrown) man and is perfectly capable of going on hunts by himself. Of course that doesn’t stop Sam from getting in as much trouble as Krissy’s dad but you can’t blame the guy for something he didn’t know about.

In the end the guys save a girl and her father, not just from a couple of monsters but possibly from the often terrible life of hunters. Along the way, Dean gets some advice from wacky Frank about how to get back on track after Bobby’s death and it was funny how those words struck home for me, too. They say denial is one stage of the grieving process and I definitely had that going. Dean taking Frank’s advice made me accept what happened, and rather than be upset at the show for killing off another one of my favorite characters, I’m ready now to see what comes next. Much like Dean at the end of this episode, I’m fighting to keep my smile and I’m still shedding a few tears, but I’m doing it.

My favorite bits…

The idea of Sam and Dean sitting like that for a week both broke my heart and didn’t surprise me at all.

Sam asking Dean if they should tell anyone what happened to Bobby. Ouch.

Dean talking about the numbers that Bobby “spent his last breath on.” Another ouch.

Getting the ODDEST feeling when Dean’s beer disappeared. I mean I literally gasped out loud and said “It’s Bobby!” Still curious what that was.

“Just so you know, 911’s on speed dial.” – Ha! Smart girl.

Aw, it’s kinda sweet that Sam is sort of playing Mr. Dad to Krissy.

“Frank, we’re amongst friends here…..okay acquaintances.”

Wondering just how many times Dean has had to slice himself to prove that he’s human.

“Fair’s fair, duchebag.” – So eloquently put, Dean.

Frank calling Dean “Sweetiepop”. That was beyond awesome.

“Relax, it’s a field not a Death Star.” – Anyone else yell “that’s no moon, it’s a space station!” at their TV? Nope? Just me?

Seriously, is there an outfit that Dean *doesn’t* look hot in? Digging the phone guy uniform.

Dean passing out while Frank was talking. Something tells me he hadn’t really slept in weeks.

I know it’s wrong, but when Sam went down all I could think was “dude! You just got taken down by a couple of girls.” – I think Dean has been an awful influence on me.

Wait. Did Dean really sleep for 36 hours? Wow.

Okay whoa. Is anyone else finding it strange that the chick in the field is wearing a trench coat?

“Patience and me aren’t exactly on terms.”

“I think you’re one tin foil hat away from a rubber room.”

Dean saying that quitting wasn’t an option, because he wasn’t going to walk out on his brother.

Damn, I hate to admit it, but Frank has some good advice.

The look on Dean’s face when Krissy said she hadn’t heard from Sam in a while.

Krissy putting her hand on her hip and refusing to leave the room when Dean went to search her dad’s closet. Yep, definitely liking this girl.

After she put it the way she did, I didn’t blame Krisy at all for making Dean take her with him. I would have done the exact same thing in her shoes.

Krissy’s wheels turning when she found out that Sam went to college. Loved that Dean encouraged her to do it.

Sam taunting the chick so that she would feed on him and leave Lee alone. That’s our Sam.

Dean tricking Krissy into a fistbump so he could handcuff her to wheel…..and demanding her lock pick. Sometimes I forget just how brilliant that man can be.

Whoa! Way to go, kid.

Dean telling Lee that he should quit hunting for his daughter’s sake.

“You’re kind of amusing for an old man.”

Lame that may have been, but that fist bump was still totally adorable.

The boys each taking a second to check in and see how the other was doing. I’m thinking that was a question they’ve been afraid to ask each other for a while.

Sam leaning on the window to go to sleep, just like the good old days.

Dean trying so hard to fake his way back into his old ways. I rewound that bit and watched it three times and totally teared up each and every time.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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