Grey’s Anatomy “Suddenly” Review

The moral of tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode “Suddenly”is if you’re going to get in a major car accident, you should hit an ambulance. The fact that the tiny sickly baby not only made it out ok outside of the ambulance, in the arms of a hysterical teenager who hadn’t even ever baby sat before basically guaranteed at least half of the teen’s family would die, there has to be a balance to medical miracles.

Overall the car-wreck family sub-plot, well really the uninjured teen’s sub-plot went from overdone Grey’s Anatomy fall back storyline to completely heart wrenching really quickly. I think it turned when they started playing the folksy someone’s going to die music as the father coded, it just didn’t seem intense enough for a death that would make three kids orphans. And then the reveal that it’s her eighteenth birthday completely undid me, especially since it came on the heels of Teddy sobbing over Henry’s body.

Owen making Christina go into Teddy’s OR seemed unnecessarily cruel. While it does make sense, however horrible, that he had to keep the truth for Teddy so she could save her patient, he could have very simply said that Christina had suddenly come down with something and they’d have to bring in another resident. They do have other residents, right?

Teddy’s brazen enthusiasm and little happy dance in the OR seemed odd, though it did add to the horror of watching Christina work with her. Even if Henry had pulled out of the surgery, obviously something with his treatment had gone wrong, and people die post-op all the time, so shouldn’t she have been a little stressed? I also don’t think Kepner should have been even a little bit miffed by Christina’s spot on impression of her. Christina was doing anything to keep from breaking down over the patients open chest, she had carte blanche.

The fact that she told Teddy, herself, as soon as humanly possible, makes me think Christina might get forgiven for killing Henry and Teddy will put all her wrath on Owen. I guess this ends any potential reemergence of sexual tension between the two of them.

Happy, sweet, caring McDreamy was back in true form in “Suddenly” from worrying over Meredith’s little head wound to the big Derek grin he was giving her right before the pizza guy showed up. It was pretty obvious it was going to be Zola at the door, and while I’ve long ago accepted Grey’s Anatomy magic, I hope there’s going to be a little back story about this new development next week. What if they weren’t home? Would the social worker have let her in a bassinet with a letter like Harry Potter?

“Suddenly” also had one of the grossest single shots in Grey’s history, pulling the glass shards out of the kid’s eye. It was done so calmly, and I think the fact that the kid was stable so the stakes were low but on the focus on how creepy it was. The moment when Mark’s girlfriend get vulnerable in front of little Grey was great too, you knew that now she’s going to have to like her.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Teddy be able to forgive her friends for lying to her about Henry?