Revenge “Duress” Review

It seems like forever since shows like The Vampire Diaries and Revenge went on hiatus for the New Year. I didn’t appreciate how much I’d miss my regular weekly dose of high stakes melodrama complete with their twisty plots and schemes. Last night provided the perfect episode for Revenge’s return to form. The last couple of episodes of the first half of the first season lost some steam towards the end. There was too much time spent on Faux Amanda’s evilness and the show, as this episode exemplified, works best when Emily is outsmarting everyone with her sly schemes.

This episode featured the unwinding of Tyler as he went from malicious planner to absolute psychotic sociopath who stormed Daniel’s birthday party dinner and threatened to shoot someone in the head. Unfortunately no one was shot in the head, despite the fact that he was pointing a gun at a table featuring Conrad, Faux Amanda, Jake, Charlotte and Declan, all of whom are fairly expendable (in my morbid opinion). And although Emily’s “forty steps ahead” is absolutely ridiculous – not only did she take the bullets out of her gun, but she somehow knew Tyler would see the video she planted of her dishing her hiding place to Nolan, she also somehow stashed Frank’s wallet on Tyler’s person so that he became the number one suspect in his murder case. Thus a slate was wiped blank and we can get on with the rest of the season.

It was glorious, frothy soap at its very best: it‘s convoluted, sure, but the show takes delight in its over the top complexity and because the plot twists are grounded in character decisions and not forced in inorganically because the plot demands it, the show is far better than any of its kind in recent years.

I am very much looking forward to seeing Victoria and Conrad’s divorce proceedings unravel: the awfulness between the two of them (hello miscarriage) is so irresistibly juicy. Now we’re getting back on track with the whole REVENGE!!! scenario with Tyler is out of the picture and will stop interfering with Emily’s awesomeness.

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