NCIS: Los Angeles “The Watchers” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) The Watchers

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “The Watchers”, we meet a new foe for the team. No it’s not a terrorist coming to strike fear into the citizens of LA, or a deadly serial killer. It’s a brand new assistant director bent on knocking Hetty from her place as the leader of the team.

I’m a big fan of Miguel Ferrer so I have to admit that I found most of his antics in the beginning pretty damn funny. I figured that he was just on for a single episode to mix things up, raise a threat about Hetty’s possible departure and then move on. I mean we’ve already had a new director come and take her place temporarily before, I wasn’t about to believe that she was leaving this time.

But about halfway through, I saw how serious Granger was and suddenly he wasn’t (quite) as funny any more. He’s really got it out for Hetty, but I loved how she and the team never backed down from him. I have no doubt they will get the best of this guy and I’m curious to find out what his end game is and why he set his sights on Hetty and her team.

As for the rest of the episode, what can I say? Granger and Eric’s back-and-forth throughout the episode was absolutely hilarious and Deeks had me laughing so hard with his undercover act that I had to stop the DVR and rewind a few times to catch what everyone was saying. Also, how adorable were Eric and Nell in this one? Nell going undercover on her own and meeting a super buff, super smart guy brought out some great stuff from Eric. All of the team interactions were some of the best I’ve seen yet and I’m starting to feel like they could just put all of those characters in a room together for an entire episode and I’d still be entertained.

My favorite bits..

I’m so with Callen on this one. I don’t like that kind of music either.

Kensi smacking Deeks in the face with her bag. Oops. LOL.

A boogeyman under the stairs? Eeek! Oh wait. He said bogey, didn’t he? My bad.

“You twitch, I shoot.”
“Is that a catchphrase?”

“You almost saw this team kill you.”
“That would’ve been awkward.”

Eric defending the polar bears on his jammies. Damn straight they’re the deadliest animal in the arctic.

Granger asking to talk to Kensi about her recent trips to Hawaii. Oooh..intriguing.

Oh come on Eric, you know a lady never reveals her …IQ.

Granger walking in on the best line ever from Eric to Nell. Now *that’s* awkward.

“Maybe you could swing by wardrobe on your way. Have them fit you with some big boy pants.”

Eric’s “Oh brother” when Nell met Thruster. Teehee.

Eric totally tricking Nell into looking at Thruster’s (so in love with that nickname) crotch.

Wait. Kensi did what when she was in Hawaii? Did I miss that on Hawaii Five-0?

The names Callen made up for his and Sam’s coffee cups.

Getting very nervous of ever speaking to another stranger again (or getting coffee for that matter) after Sam and Callen ran through all the possible ways people could be spying in that courtyard.

Eric’s warning about Granger coming jus a smidge late.

“Had you been a real enemy, Hetty would’ve had your head on a stick before we got here.”

What did Granger just say about Hetty? Okay I’m not liking him as much as I did at first.

“Oh look, Top Goon is back.” – Hahaha! Aw, poor Eric sounds jealous.

“This is sooo going in my Operations Report.” – Sounds like Eric still needs to find some big boy pants.

“Just for the record, that’s called a side view mirror.”

Loving Hetty’s method of meditating. Must try that myself. Anyone else kinda wish she would’ve started wailing on Granger a little bit?

“I’m not afraid of you.”
“That was your first mistake.” – You tell him, Hetty!

Admiring the way that Deeks can use his ability to act like a jerk to get someone’s DNA. Gotta love his style.

“If I’m not back in ten minutes it’s ’cause I’m in trouble, or I’m getting a bikini wax.”
“Welcome to my world.”

Sam locking the doors until Deeks would admit that he was kidding about the whole “going too method” thing.

Okay seriously, Deeks must stop it. I have not stopped laughing for at least 5 minutes. The teeth were the final straw.

Deeks offering to talk to Kensi about her dad because he knew a thing or two about fathers. Aw.

“You SHOT your father!”
“One time!”

Not partners? Oh Nell, so not nice.

Eric’s pathetic attempt to get Nell to admit her IQ.

Loving the fact that while everyone else walked out to take Hetty up on her offer, Callen followed Hetty into her office to check on her.

Final Funny Blackout Moment – “Not bloody likely.” – Haha! Yep, I’d have to say I agree with that.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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