Winter Premiere: Switched at Birth “Starry Night” Advance Review

I cannot say how happy I am that Switched at Birth returns tonight, January 3 at 8pm on ABC Family. It really is a show that took me by surprise when it premiered and I totally fell in love with it after watching the first episode. And by the Summer Finale, it had laid down quite a strong framework for itself, that it’s no surprise what a success the show has been. And now it returns with brand new episodes (yay!) for the second part of season one starting with “Starry Night.”

The episode starts right where last episode ended. If you remember Toby, Emmett and Wilke are heading out to a festival to perform and Daphne confronted Bay about her intentions towards Toby. As for John and Kathryn, they found a nurse that Angelo told them could help them win the case. In “Starry Night,” Bay wants to spend some time with Angelo alone, but John convinces Regina to chaperone, which turns out might not have been the best idea seeing how her and Angelo’s story ended. One thing’s for sure, Bay gets quite a real look into what her life might have been like, and let’s just say it’s not pretty.

Unable to deal with Bay meeting with Angelo, Daphne decides to head over to the festival and also get a chance to spend some time with Emmett. Unfortunately things don’t go exactly as she planned. I personally love Emmett and Bay together (at least for now), I think it’s cute how they are both learning how to deal with each other and if you are a fan of these two, you will be happy to know that there will be more of these two figuring things out in this episode.

And if you’re worried about Daphne, fear not, Wilke is always there to put a smile on her face, which in this case involves water, but that’s all I’ll say about that.

For those who have been rooting for Kathryn to stand up for herself a bit, then don’t miss this episode because there is a small development in that department in addition to development in the case against the hospital.

Overall, “Starry Night” is a good episode, not the best from ‘Switched at Birth’ but definitely good enough to not only remind you why you love the show so much and to get you excited for what’s to come next. If you haven’t discovered this show yet, I would urge you to give it a shot and for those of you who already love it, I don’t think I need to remind you not miss its return tonight at 8pm.