2 Broke Girls “And The Secret Ingredient” Review

There is an art to the one-liner. Anybody who has had entire conversations using Simpsons and 30 Rock quotes alone knows this well. 2 Broke Girls is a show primed for the one-liner ultimate impact. Kat Dennings spits them out at a ridiculous rate and, unfortunately, the one-liners often do seem just that: ridiculous. They are so often inorganic and crammed in there that when one is legitimately funny, it’s impact is dulled by the numbing effect of the other ten one-liners that came before it.

That’s the major problem I had with this episode, which was unremarkable but not unenjoyable. The one-liners just weighed me down to the point where I could no longer judge for myself whether a line was funny or not – I just had to wait for the audience reaction to gauge how well the joke worked. The writers have even inserted a way for Chestnut to text Max with even more one-liners. That’s how jammed up these one liners are.

This episode dealt with tampons and coupons and Caroline’s ongoing inability to conform to the lower classes. Here, she finds out that coupons are actually really useful and she goes into a haywire frenzy buying stuff coupons will afford. It’s all fun stuff and as usual Behrs and Dennings make for a dynamic duo. I just wish that the writing didn’t feel like a bunch of guys in a writers room tossing around one-liners. I wish it was more organic.

As I mentioned before, the episode itself was enjoyable and it delved a bit more into Max’s relationship with her mother. The show’s best quality is probably its emotional maturity: Max isn’t at any risk of going all emo and depressive (unless she gets totally drunk, which is the only way I could ever see the show allowing her to really get emotional) and her rocky relationship with her mother offers more than a few gloriously awkward chuckles. The main two characters are well-drawn and interesting and if the show could build on them, it’ll continue to be a good newcomer this season.

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