Rizzoli & Isles “Burning Down the House” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES Can I Get a Witness Season 2 Episode 11

In this episode of Rizzoli and Isles, called “Burning Down the House”, the girls are on the case of a firefighter who is killed on duty in a fire. When the evidence starts pointing away from an accident and firmly towards murder, Maura is suddenly a target herself. But the would-be killer misses in his attempt to run her down and instead nearly kills her mother. As if things weren’t hard enough, this brings her biological (and wanted felon) father out of the woodwork. The man wants to protect his daughter and maybe even tell her who her birth mother was but Maura just wants to concentrate on her real mother.

Jane knows that dear old dad is back in town and is torn between trying to catch the guy and leaving him alone so as not to further upset her friend. Her hand is forced however when everything comes to a head at the end of the episode. Doyle arrives and saves his daughter, but when he evades arrest and starts shooting at cops
(including Jane’s boyfriend), she has no choice but to fire back.

From the moment I first started watching this show, what has drawn me in has been the deep friendship between these two women. Though they have jobs very different from me and my friends, I could still see myself and my best buds in these two BFFs. Even when things get rough and one does something to make the other mad, they always end up hugging it out when it’s all over.

The first thought I had when Doyle hit the ground after Jane shot him was that this was going to be something that could potentially tear the girls apart forever. You can’t just hug out your best friend killing your father and though I don’t see that Jane really had a choice, it does suck that she was the one who had to pull the trigger. It’s going to be a long wait for next season as we try to figure out just how Jane and Maura are going to get over this one. Somehow I think it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of work on both their parts.

My favorite bits..

Jane ordering the dog to go potty. I don’t think there’s one dog owner out there who hasn’t done that at least once.

The firemen going into formation when they brought out the body bag.

“Denim jeans? As opposed to green polyester jeans?”

“You chase murderers.”
“Not if they’re on fire.”

Jane asking Maura if her brain ever got tired. I was kinda wondering that myself.

I’m with Jane. A double date with Maura and her mom wouldn’t be my idea of a good time either.

Not believing my eyes when Maura’s mother got hit by a car. I had to rewind the DVR to make sure they hadn’t started a nightmare sequence without me noticing.

Maura telling Jane that her mom pushed her out of the way and saved her life.

“What’re you dressed as?”
“A person. Shut up.”

Okay I was trying not to giggle at the whole Gabriel Dean thing, but as a Supernatural fan there was no stopping the giggles that came from the reference to the Impala.

WHO ARE THE BLUES BROTHERS??? Oh Frost, you poor deprived man.

Maura’s mom asking if Patrick was there. Hm, interesting.

“Can you say that in Earthling?” – Frost asking for “even more Earthling” was hilarious.

“Now THAT’s harassment, Frost.”
“What? The old part or the white part?”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming at all. When Doyle hit the ground that hard, I felt it in my own chest.

Knowing without a doubt that “Hope” is going to turn out to be Maura’s mother.

What did you think of this episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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