American Horror Story “Afterbirth” Review

While I watched the finale of American Horror Story the only thing that kept running through my head was “what is this show?” FX offers some great programming, and really raised the bar with American Horror Story. It was scary, it was sexy, and it had more horror elements than most mainstream horror movies. While it was a little dicey during the middle episodes, “Afterbirth” wrapped everything up, but also kept fans wanting more.

Ben isn’t coping too well with Viv’s death and the news that Violet has been dead all along. He’s doing so poorly that he sets out to kill himself, but only after he lays out his affairs for Vivien’s sister that is going to come care for the baby. So at least he does care for his son enough to make sure that he won’t be left alone in the murder house…but before he can pull the trigger on the gun, Vivien appears in front of him and snatches the gun out of his hands. She convinces Ben to leave the house, that she and Violet will be fine, but that baby (they never say his name) needs a father.

Ben sets out to leave, but surprise! Hayden is waiting with other victims to stop him from leaving with the baby. They do what Ben couldn’t – kill him so he’s trapped forever and Hayden marches away with her prize. Constance appears to check on Ben and her grandson, finds the body and no trace of the baby. While Ben is reunited with his family, Constance finds Hayden and the little baby in a rocking chair in the basement. Hayden is not giving up that kid without a fight, but one slit throat and the baby is back in Constance’s arms.

Cut to a new family moving into the house where they randomly decide to have a baby, while Viv and Ben watch. The ghosts decide that a baby cannot be born in the house of obvious reasons, so set out to freak the family out so badly that they hightail it out, but not before Tate tries to kill their teenage son so Violet can have a companion. Yeah, I didn’t get it either… and neither did Violet.

There is good news for the Harmon family, though! It turns out Nora isn’t the best mother in the world and decides that she doesn’t want a baby after all. She ends up basically handing over the stillborn baby (who actually wasn’t stillborn, apparently he took ‘one breath’ and then died in the house – hence ghost baby) to Viv who gladly takes the baby boy to complete her happy dead family. She invites Moira to be the baby’s godmother and BAM – instantly happy dead family decorating a Christmas tree while “The Little Drummer Boy” plays in the background.

Flash to three years later where Constance is raising the Harmon’s baby that lived. Michael (which is a clever name if the baby actually is the anti-christ like the Medium explained – Michael was an archangel sent to cast Lucifer into hell) is now three years old and killing his babysitters. Constance doesn’t seem alarmed by this, and Michael seems pleased as punch as he sits in a rocking chair covered in blood, while his sitter lays dead on the floor next to him.


While American Horror Story is amazing, it left me with some questions. Where are Chad and Patrick? They wanted t a baby so badly, but now that there’s one floating around the house they don’t appear to claim him? Will we see them again? Where did they disappear to? What about Tate and Hayden? Hayden seems to want to bring Tate over to her way of thinking and hurt the Harmon’s, but will Tate go for it? He’s obsessed with Violet to the point that he would murder for her, so how far will he go to get her back? What is going to happen with Michael?

Will Jessica Lange win the Golden Globe?

In all seriousness, while it had bumps and slow episodes, American Horror Story ended on a really high note with “Afterbirth”. I was skeptical to see the Harmon’s living as on happy family complete with new baby and Moira; but hey – they’re dead. At least they’re making the best of things. I do enjoy the thought of the “good” ghosts protecting the would be owners of the house from the house itself. I think that’s a clever twist to the haunted house story.

I’m anxious to see how Michael comes into play. Will he be drawn to the house like Adelaide was? Will he play a bigger part in the new chapter of the murder house? Will I survive until American Horror Story returns?

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