5 Survival Strategies For Your Favorite Show’s Hiatus

Fans of the program Supernatural call it hellatus. I think they are on to something. The time period when your favorite show is not broadcasting new programming is a long, desolate period. Those with a strong attachment to a particular show suffer and deserve our compassion during this difficult time! If you know someone like this, give them a hug, if they ever get out of bed.

Here are some of the strategies for coping that I have found to be the most effective.


Can we all just agree that chocolate fixes just about everything, except maybe the kitchen sink? And, eating chocolate while waiting for the plumber is a good use of your time, no matter what anyone tells you! Plus, bonus time, chocolate is good for you. That’s right; all those geeks in our lives have confirmed in their secret labs that eating chocolate is all kinds of healthy.

That’s right folks, chocolate has large quantities of potassium and magnesium, some calcium and sodium, and vitamins A1, B1, B2, D, and E, as well as smaller quantities of Theobromine, Caffeine, Phenylethylamine (think falling in love), Tryptophan (think turkey), Endorphins, Phenols, Catechins, and Anandamide. Yum! This can be our little secret, right?

Friends and Family

Let’s not forget these people who are so precious to us! You know, the ones that know better than to call you when your favorite program is on, the ones that tip toe around the living room while you are watching said program, the spouse that knows to not speak during your show unless they don’t care about living to see tomorrow!

On the dreaded night, take them out – dinner, a movie; whatever will while away the hours. It is likely they will not realize that you are diverting your attention – they probably will think you are making some kind of sacrifice for them, giving up your favorite show to be with them. Earn bonus points!

Or, here’s a fun way to spend the time – call your friends and have a theme party! Even if you do not have friends that share the same favorite show, you likely have friends that are also coping with a hiatus, so start a rotation among your friends on the nights of despair, letting each person chose the show to which the party is themed. And remember, misery truly loves company!

Substitute programming

I know, I know, there could never be a good substitute – kind of like white chocolate (what is that stuff anyway?). But, hear me out – remember those people you are reconnecting with? They may actually be a source of new programming ideas that you may well like! Over the years, my son has introduced me to some of my most favorite shows, ones that I might not have found on my own.

This is also your golden opportunity to watch those shows that are on at the same time as your favorite – you know – the competition. Check them out and see if they are really something your favorite show needs to worry about. Reconnaissance is always a smart move. Then you can speak with authority when you dismiss other shows as not being nearly as good as your favorite.

Editor’s Note: May I recommend the ridiculously awesome Boss on Starz. Best series of the year.

Shop online

What’s more fun than heading to your favorite online shopping venues and spending your hard earned cash? If you do it right, with the whole comparison shopping thing, then this will suck up hours of your time, and you will not even notice that your favorite show was not on. My personal favorite is agonizing over each purchase, which makes the process even more complex and takes infinitely more time.

Think of the opportunities to see what new merchandise there might be that is tied into your favorite show – episode guides, novels, calendars, maybe even lunch boxes! The added bonus is that you will also be helping the economy, so this is actually a patriotic duty! Try it, you’ll like it!

Deep breathing and exercise

Anyone that has ever had a baby, or assisted or coached with a birth, or watched one on TV knows what I’m talking about! I can’t say it helped at all for me – thank goodness for drugs – but it does seem to work like a charm on TV, so what the heck, give it a try. Just don’t breathe too deeply, or you might pass out – oh, wait, that will also pass the time, so maybe that is a good idea?

Another option, and work with me here folks, is to exercise! You want to be in a good mood once your show reappears, right? Exercise actually has been shown to enhance your mood, plus it will increase your endurance so when you get the DVD box set of your favorite show, you will have the stamina to sit for hours and hours rewatching the entire season.

Those are my favorite coping strategies – do you have any others, or some opinions on mine? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below!