Rizzoli & Isles “Don’t Stop Dancing, Girl” Review

Rizzoli & Isles Don't Stop Dancing, Girl Season 2 Episode 14

This episode of Rizzoli and Isles starts out like something straight out of Dance Moms (yes, I watch that show, please don’t judge me). In “Don’t Stop Dancing, Girl” a mom is murdered backstage at a children’s dance show and immediately the suspects become some of the other mothers. Though there was jealousy over whose daughter danced better than the others, the ladies are innocent. Turns out said dance mom was on the run from her convicted felon husband, who came back for his daughter.

The theme of fathers and step-fathers ran throughout this episode. In addition to the main murder, there is also Korsak’s stepson, who has been arrested for shooting a police officer. A lot of people are giving Korsak dirty looks in the precinct as if it’s his fault, which I found interesting since some of those same people wanted to pull the “you have no legal rights” speech on him, too. Personally I felt bad Korsak had no rights, but at the same time I didn’t feel like he should be blamed for he kid’s behavior. Especially seeing how Korsak’s ex-wife kept Josh away from him five years.

In the end it turns out that Josh didn’t do it, which I predicted would happen but I still liked watching how it all played out. Getting this extra look into Korsak’s personal life has been interesting and I’m curious to see what’s going to happen now with him and his family.

My favorite bits..

Maura worrying about doing damage to an attacker’s eyes. Methinks she might be missing the point.

“By the time you’ve said ‘jab,’ the rapist has you in his guest house.”

Korsak picking up a tiny bra. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing.

Finding out that Korsak still hadn’t seen his stepson yet. Beginning to dislike Melody more and more. Pitting a kid against a parent is so not cool.

Korsak getting the call telling him that his son had just shot a cop.

Maura asking Jane not to tell people that she’d been scanning headlines of tabloids.

Jane getting Maura to practice saying only ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in reply to questions.

Jane arguing with Frost why dancers are athletes. I can’t believe he tried to say they weren’t. Race car drivers more than dancers? Really?

“Booty shorts are the gateway outfit.”

“Okay, just let me get my dancers warmed up.”
“Start stretching the legs or I’ll break them!”

Feeling so bad for Korsak when the guy collecting money for the injured cop turned away from him.

Knowing how much it hurt Korsak every time Josh called him “Vince.”

“I don’t have an MD or anything, but I’m pretty sure those are fingers.”

Maura immediately starting to cut off the victim’s face when Jane asked her to help them recreate what she looked like before surgery. I am so glad they stopped her.

Jane having to pull Korsak off of Josh. Yikes.

Melody finally feeling some guilt about taking Josh away from the only man he knew as a father.

Maura’s little grin when Jane called her “Columbo.”

Maura proving that Josh was telling the truth.

That poor little girl begging Jane “Don’t let him die, too!” – that broke my heart.

Maura telling Jane to watch her red meat intake..before asking for a bit herself.

Jane’s “oooohhh..” when Korsak said he was having dinner with Melody.

Jane ordering Maura her own fries, despite Maura promising she’d only eat a few. Yeah, right. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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