Steve Carell Will Return To TV In A Guest Role On ‘The Simpsons’

Former Office star Steve Carell, according to reports from EW, is headed back to television on The Simpsons. The actor has signed on to play a high strung accountant by the name of Dan Gillick who works as fat Tony’s new head honcho of the mob when Tony goes on hiatus to jury duty.

Talking about Carell’s character, executive producer Al Jean of The Simpsons shared some details about what fans can expect to see when Carell goes from a number cruncher to a hitman. “He’s nervous and then fat Tony’s says that he’s got to kill some people and then he’s really nervous because he actually wants to do it. The line between Ivy League MBA and ruthless murderer is a very thin.”

Not to fear though, Homer will help guide Carell’s animated character on the right path. The Burt Wonderstone star will show up next year in his guest appearance in The Simpson’s 24th season on air.

Aside from The Office, the actor is best known for his recent roles in Despicable Me, Dinner for Schmucks, Dan in Real Life, Date Night, Little Miss Sunshine and more.

Are you happy to see Steve Carell make his way back to the small screen after leaving his long running role as Michael Scott?