Dexter “This is the Way the World Ends” Review

Dexter "This Is the Way the World Ends" Season 6 Episode 12 (5)

I love Dexter. I thought the first two seasons were masterpieces, the third was solid, fourth was phenomenal, and the fifth was pretty good. This has been one of my favorite shows on television for the past few years, and I was very excited for this season to begin.

With all that said, however, I was going into tonight’s finale episode, “This is the Way the World Ends” with very low expectations. With several very large missteps in the story telling thus far, including the handling of the whole “twist” involving Travis and Gellar and most recently Deb’s icky feelings towards Dexter, this episode really didn’t have to do much to conclude this lackluster season in a semi-acceptable manner. So really at this point in this disappointing season, I’m asking for one of the former greatest shows on television to not completely disappoint me. Can Dexter still deliver? We’ll see…

We certainly get started in a suitably exciting manner, as Dexter is rescued by a boat full of immigrants and has to rescue a couple from some guy who was robbing them. I kind of wish that people had asked more questions about how exactly Dex fell off his own boat and had to swim ashore, but whatever. Let’s get right into the ickiness!

I mean, did Dex really have to be shirtless when Deb came over? Did that freaking hug have to be so long and affectionate? This is the creepiest sub-plot on this show so far, and I really hope it resolves itself quickly. I’ve heard the Dexter apologists saying that it’s not that gross since they’re technically not blood related. To which I say: Stop it. Just stop apologizing and explaining for this show. They have always been brother and sister, that’s it. No questions asked. They’ve always had that type of bond, and have never had any type of attraction for each other, so it feels so incredibly forced. Also, do we need a reminder for these gross feelings all the time? Whenever Dex gets close to Deb or if she brushes past him at a crime scene we get these heavy sighs and lingering glances? We don’t need this shoved down our throats, guys! We didn’t even like it the first time!

After a couple quick scenes at Miami Metro, we pick up Travis’ story again, and man is this guy the worst villain in Dexter history or what? I get that the whole motif for this season is this book of Revelation, end of days stuff, and I understand the idea of Gellar and Travis sticking to famous tableaus to recreate for their murders. However, this whole pretense seems to have completely ceased as soon as Travis realized Gellar is dead. Ever since then it seems like he’s just making crap up as he goes. He realizes to attack Miami Metro based on Batista falling into his lap, and now he asks God what to do next and he randomly reaches into his pocket and finds Dexter’s address? Sure, he’s a crazy guy, but why keep up the whole pretense of his kills being inspired by God when he’s clearly just making crap up as he goes along?

Dexter’s last minute effort to save his son and kill Travis was pretty exciting, although it’s a bit hard to root for Dexter when he’s been so stupid and conceited this whole season. Maybe if he just shared his findings and evidence with Metro, none of that would have happened, but whatever. The final showdown wasn’t quite as epic as the past few seasons, but it was pretty cool that Dexter was able to vanquish his foe at the exact moment of the eclipse.

A couple other minor moments of the episode included Louis asking to stay on and Dexter still not seeing the Ice Truck Killer hand in his house, as well as the status on the whole Matthews killing the hooker story line. I’m interested to see if these get picked up in season seven, because I have a good feeling they’ll be largely overshadowed by the final scene.

Wow. Thank you, Dexter! Thank you for finally breaking the status quo and giving us a game changing final scene! Not only does this have huge implications for Deb and Dexter’s relationship, and Deb’s blossoming creepy feelings towards Dex, but this has huge implications for this show in general! With two more seasons confirmed by Showtime, I really hope this completely changes the way the show is handled in the future. My biggest fear is that season seven resumes with Dexter quickly explaining away the kill and returning to the norm, but there would just be too many lingering questions for her. It definitely looks like Dex has done this multiple times before, and you wonder how much Deb will find out about him! Will she find out he was the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will she realize that he was the one that was responsible for the daeths Brian Moser, The Trinity Killer, Doakes, and others! The implications are endless, and I really hope the Dexter writers rise to the occasion and meet the huge potential that this final scene has given us. After one of the worst seasons in this show’s history, we get one of the best final scenes. Bravo, Dexter.

Random Thoughts:

– I’m sorry, but if some guy emerges from the Atlantic ocean and walks right onto the beach with a bunch of immigrants and asks me if he can use my phone, I’m saying no.

– That was probably the cutest song about the end of the world that I’ve ever heard.

– I really wish that Showtime wouldn’t announce whether or not their shows are renewed until the season is over. It kinda takes all the suspense out of it when you know that Dexter isn’t going to get hurt since the show is already going for two more seasons.