Chuck “Chuck Versus The Curse” Review

Holidays are almost here and its time to finally dig back into Chuck. With only half a dozen episodes to go, the beloved show is about to end its lucky, lucky course. Five seasons is an impressive feat for any show, not to mention one like “Chuck” which never really found an audience and would certainly cost more than your average sitcom to produce.

For a long time I’ve always lamented the lack of screen time Awesome and Ellie get. They’re such lovely characters and they form so much of the heart of the story that the fact that (Ellie especially) is so often relegated to voice of nagging concern has truly sucked. In this episode they are put front and centre and time wise, they probably feature in at least half of the running time of the episode. Alas, they hardly make a dent in terms of impact.

It’s cool that Chuck keeps it kinda realistic by having it made clear that Awesome and Ellie would not be competant to take out a team full of CIA agents. However, these guys are doctors – doctors whose physical fitness has been a running joke in the show since episode 1. The fact that these guys couldn’t come up with an ingenious plan to thwart the CIA dudes is not only disappointing, it’s lazy writing. Jam a stick into the generator? Is that really the best they could come up with?

The lacklustre episode was not helped with Chuck’s weird expository crises moments. Seriously, this guy has been a spy for how many years, and yet he’s still relying on Sarah and others to reassure him, give him the plans, and end up duping them by running out to save his sister. It’s just disappointing how little this show has evolved from the first season: rookie mistakes are still being made five years in. Ugh.

I’d like to say something positive about this episode, but the fact that we’re halfway through the show’s final season and dealing with this kind of rubbish is, frankly, downright disappointing.

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