The Doctor’s Companions to Officially Leave the TARDIS At End of New Season on ‘Doctor Who’

DOCTOR WHO The Rebel Flesh

The official news has been made by Doctor Who head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. Actors Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – who play the Doctor’s companaions Amy Pond and Rory Williams on Doctor Who will be leaving the series after the upcoming season has aired.

Moffat told the UK Mirror, “The Ponds will be rejoining us next series. But the final days of the Ponds are coming. I am not telling you when and I won’t say how, but that story is going to come to a heartbreaking end.” But as any ‘Doctor Who’ fan knows, the Time Lord gets lonely, meaning the void left by Amy and Rory will be filled soon enough. Moffat continued by saying, “the Doctor is going to meet a new friend and I am not going to tell you about he, she or it.”

Matt Smith who, of course, plays the Doctor had this to say, “We have had the most incredible journey and we had to hold hands at first when we joined. It is very disappointing, but this show is about change. It is always about looking forward.”

As for that third companion River Song (played by Alex Kingston), whose complicated backstory has been the source of much drama this past season, Moffat commented that she will probably be returning in some capacity.

A new ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special will air on BBC America on Christmas Eve at 8/7c while the new Christmas movie “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” will debut on Christmas Day at 7/6c. The next new season of ‘Doctor Who’ will air in the Fall of 2012. [Source: TV Guide]