Prime Suspect “A Gorgeous Mosaic” Review

After the weird exchange at the start of this week’s episode of Prime Suspect, I too shared Jane’s dislike of eyewitnesses. I had mixed feelings about the racial undertones at the outset of the show because it felt like such a red herring, which for me felt like a waste of time. Although it is expected for there to be a few wrong suspects in your typical crime procedural, I already feel like viewers are on borrowed time with Prime Suspect thanks to NBC’s sudden cancellation of the show. I would rather not spend my last precious moments on a stupid hip-hop mogul talking about bling and rocks. Ugh.

The episode definitely improved when Jane, Augie and Regis got to a real lead. Interestingly, this led to a revelation about Jane’s dad and his past with the Irish mob. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this story line is fully explored before we run out of episodes. Damn you NBC!

In another time waster, we get appearance by Rivera this week. As I’ve noted in previous reviews, I’m really not a fan of this detective and was hoping that she would not land a spot in homicide. Perhaps this is the rare silver lining in the show’s cancellation as viewers will not have to watch her attempt to bat her lashes up the ranks. Her appearance in this week’s episode was somewhat salvaged by her pairing with Calderon and the always smooth Velerio. I was also hoping that Regis would unleash the wrath and bitterness upon her that he usually reserves for Jane. He definitely took his jabs but with much more subtlety and reserve than we’ve typically seen. From a writing perspective, this seems like the right call since their tension is based on his unrequited attraction to her. Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for future episodes.

As for the main homicide on which Jane and Augie were the leads, the story was okay. The real highlight was seeing Anthony Brophy’s guest appearance on the show as Mickey, the Irish mobster being framed for murdering Hesh. Those of you who watched the Tudors will recognize him as the actor who portrayed Eustace Chapuys, an ambassador of Charles V.

The best moment of the night was the joy that Augie and Calderon got from using their custom-made battering ram. This was actually a good episode overall for the Augie as the writers provided him with a great balance of serious detective work with moments of levity peppered in between.

In addition to not having to watch much more Rivera, another silver lining to Prime Suspect’s cancellation may be the impending drama of Jane’s boyfriend trying to get full custody of Owen. That’s obviously not going to bode well for Jane’s relationship and with all the stress she faces at work, placing unnecessary complications in her personal life is not that appealing.

Although it was not my favorite episode, I’m thankful for what little we have left of Prime Suspect. I hope that the final three episodes will be a little more rewarding for viewers. Sound off below on “A Gorgeous Mosaic” or feel free to lament our final three weeks left with the show.