Grimm “Let Your Hair Down” Review


Monroe found someone to love! Well, sort of. On this week’s episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank begin investigating the murder of a drug dealer that’d been living deep in the woods. It turns out he was strangled (and WOW was his broken neck gruesome), and forensics ran the hairs found on his body to discover that they belonged to an old missing person’s case. Holly disappeared when she was seven and has been missing for nine years. She’s been living in the forest, and pretty much kills people with her hair like some deranged Rapunzel. Hence the episode title: “Let Your Hair Down” (yes, I know the line is “let down you hair, but I didn’t write the episode).

While Nick is taking a peek around the crime scene, he ends up seeing the girl and knows that she is the same creature as Monroe. So what does Nick do? He heads to Monroe’s home and interrupts his Christmas decorating. However, being the good friend that Monroe is, he heads into the woods with Nick while Hank researches old suspects from Holly’s case.

Monroe and Nick find the injured Holly who right away takes to Monroe, sensing the whole “I’m a creature from a fairy tale” vibe. While Nick heads back to get medical help the murder victim’s redneck brothers decide to find out who killed their sibling. They find Monroe in the woods, threaten to kill him, and end up getting shot themselves.

While all this is happening, Hank finds Holly’s old neighbor who turns out to be the person that left her in the woods. Apparently he knew that she was different? I’m unclear as to why he kidnapped/left her to die in the woods, but it turns out little Holly took a big bite out of her attacker. It’s a happy ending when Holly is reunited with her mother and Hank can close this nine year old case.

Now my thoughts. I wasn’t too keen on this episode. While I like Monroe, and feel that he is the strongest character in Grimm and want to see him happy (so leave him alone Nick!) it didn’t seem like Holly is going to stick around long enough to be a recurring character for him. Therefore, all of the time spent on their bond seemed like a waste to me. Especially when Monroe just hoped out of the car when they took Holly from the woods.

On that note – why in the name of everything did Nick take Holly straight to her parent’s home? The girl not only has buckshot in her (which is the entire reason Nick set out for help in the first place), but she has been living alone in the woods for nine years. She needs a hospital. While I understand wanting to reunite her with her family, they can meet her at the hospital, I promise.

“Let Your Hair Down” was a weaker episode of Grimm. There wasn’t any push forward in the overall Grimm story line. Remember the repairman from last week? Well, he came back with a few buddies who didn’t believe that their friend survived a Grimm, but other than a car screeching down Nick’s street, nothing came of that story line.

So, Grimm, I ask that you step up the story a bit and bring back some danger!

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