The League “The Guest Bong” Review

This week’s theme of The League seemed to be stuff that happens to everyone. The League went after some of the more common issues facing the American working man these days… and getting high. One felt a little stale, one was handled beautifully, and the other just made my head hurt.

I typically love it when we start with a Ruxin video rant, but this week Ruxin seemed hell-bent on attacking everyone’s sensibilities. While the video rant encompassed a lot of what we love about Ruxin, the unfortunate content landed him in a meeting with HR chairperson for his firm. Nonetheless, I have to side with Ruxin in this case. Who doesn’t run afoul of their company’s email policy from time to time? In any event, I kept waiting to see how this issue would resolve itself. Though there wasn’t any real resolution, Ruxin running into the HR person at a community theater play and insisting that HR person’s son’s acting ruined Christmas was priceless. It may have caused him to get another letter in his HR file, but the comedy was well worth it.

Another major factor this week was the dangers of autocorrect. This topic doesn’t exactly seem like a fresh idea for one of the sharper comedies going, but it still made for a few decent laughs. I still don’t think “Chloe’s fuzzy” would turn into “chloroform” in the autocorrect system, but some good comedy occurred as a result. Be careful with your cell phones ladies and gentleman. You would hate to send the wrong message and cause your husband to laugh in the face of a man he just put in jail. As we saw in this week’s episode, that will come back to haunt you later.

This week’s edition of the Jon Lajoie show introduced the idea of the guest bong. Seeing as how I don’t partake in such things, I encourage everyone with questions about the guest bong concept to refer them to your local roommate pot smoker. Taco’s work this week was painfully unfunny. I understand Taco likes to get high, but it doesn’t seem necessary to base a third of the episode talking about Taco getting high. There were too many other funny things going on this week to spend that much time in the Jon Lajoie show.

I felt bad for us all watching Jon Lajoie this week, but I felt worse for Pete. Poor Pete. He finally gets some quality screen time and can’t even get some decent material. For a supposedly serious fantasy football player, Pete willingly giving up control over his lineup in the name of getting laid rang a little hollow. The playoffs were on the line, and Pete’s fate ends up being decided because his girlfriend happened to notice his lineup. Either I am revoking Pete’s Man Card, or the writers owe us all an apology for that. It’s a shame that Pete’s girlfriend was used for that purpose. She seemed legitimately funny. Certainly funnier than anything Taco did this week.

Overall, The League has had a very strong start to their third season. So strong in fact, that FX announced that The League will be coming back for a fourth season next year. Fans of watching grown men get into ridiculous hijinks while attempting to battle each other in a fantasy football league should rejoice.

What did you think of this week’s episode? How do you feel about The League returning for a fourth season? Let’s talk it out in the comments section below or on Twitter.

The TV Czar