Person of Interest “Number Crunch” Review

Person of Interest returned this week with “Number Crunch”, and for the first time in the series the machine spits out more than one number! Four of them, in fact! After one of them ends up dead before Reese can get to her, Lionel, Finch and Fusco split up to track down the other three.

Meanwhile, Michael Kelly returns to CBS after Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was cancelled last season, and he’s playing a suit that’s investigating Carter’s relationship with Reese. I am SO glad that they’re finally trying to find a way to justify Carter’s personal vendetta against Reese. I really haven’t seen any reason for Carter’s obsession to bring Reese down in the first nine episodes, but now that he’s killed a CI it makes perfect sense for Carter’s superiors to start questioning what’s going on. This has been my biggest complaint with Carter’s character, and this show in general, so I’m very glad this is being addressed.

There was a lot of great action scenes in this episode, including some great car scenes like the car crash in the very first scene and the explosion. However, therein lies one of my biggest problems with the episode: The car explosion. A regular guy gets into his car, and a nearby stroller explodes and blows his car up with him inside it. This would shut down any city, throw the citizens into panic, and there would be increased security and police presence everywhere. However, we don’t see any of that. In fact, when Carter mentions this guy dying when talking to Fusco, she says that he died in “a” car explosion. Not “the” car explosion. You know, the one that would have been plastered all over the news and that everybody would have known about. She just mentions it like cars blowing up is a normal thing that Fusco might not have heard about yet. I mean, this is New York City for goodness sake! A civilian getting blown up in a car would be a bigger deal there than anywhere else in the country!

Anyway, apart from that little oversight I really liked hearing more about Michael Kelly’s character Snow and his alleged back story with Reese. I was disappointed that Carter sold him out to Snow in the first place, especially after she finally thanked him for saving her life, but at least she kind of redeemed herself by helping him out in the last scene. Now that Carter knows who both Reese and Finch are, I’m hoping her relationship to them will change in the rest of the season so we don’t always have her on Reese’s case. We’ll see when Person of Interest picks up in 2012!

Random Thoughts:

– The scene of Reese and Fusco talking on the street corner cracked me up. They carry out the entire conversation while they’re looking around each other, pretending that they aren’t speaking. As if that’s going to fool anybody. If I’m walking by and I see two guys standing very close to each other and talking over the other guys’ head, it would raise suspicion rather than lower it.

– How wasn’t Finch able to find out that Wendy and Paula were foster sisters? Isn’t the foster system well documented? Wouldn’t it have been easy for him to figure that out?

– Good thing that old senator guy held his pen so that it was framing his face perfectly while he made that phone call.