Raising Hope “It’s a Hopeful Life” Review

After a couple solid Christmas episodes in a row tonight with Glee and New Girl, Raising Hope had a lot to live up to with tonight’s installment “It’s a Hopeful Life”. This was an OK episode overall, and it had its moments, but it ended up being a bit of a downer and broke the great streak that this show has been on for a few episodes.

The idea of the episode was sound: A parody of “It’s a Wonderful Life” where we find out what would have happened if Hope was never born. While I was excited at first to find out what kind of goofy changes we were going to see, but most of them just came off ridiculous. While the episode started off strongly enough with the Chances seeing a trailer for a movie based off their life, it quickly went downhill from there.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the changes worked and were pretty funny. Fat Virginia was pretty funny, if a bit depressing, and seeing Burt oil himself up for his online dating profile was one of the funniest moments of the episode. Oh, and Shannon Woodward with giant boobs? Merry Christmas to me.

Everything else just came off completely unrealistic. Lest we forget, Hope is only supposed to be about two at this point. That’s simply not enough time for these drastic of changes to happen to all of these characters. Now, I get that it’s a comedy and that it theoretically works for better comedic effect if the changes are really huge, but it just came off as distracting and a little dumb. I mean, Frank as the mayor? That was dumb. Well, except for the newly elected Secretary of warning sounds guy.

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else see the “My Name is Earl: The Movie” poster in the background in the movie theater line? Pretty awesome.

– Probably my favorite line of the episode was “Merry Christmas, public domain karaoke singer!”

– I did like all of the previous call backs to old characters, but my favorite part was Dancing Dan not knowing it was Christmas.