Last Man Standing “The Passion of the Mandy” Review

last man standing the passion of mandy
This week’s episode of Last Man Standing, “The Passion of the Mandy”, reminded us of something we haven’t heard from in the pilot episode: Vanessa got a promotion! We heard in the premiere that she got the promotion, but she hasn’t seemed overworked or stressed out at all in the intervening nine episodes. It was nice to get Vanessa out of the house for some reason, but it came out of nowhere for me. Maybe if we’d gotten a couple scenes of her being spread too thin before this episode it would have felt more organic.

The main story, however, featured Mandy working as a marketing assistant for Mike to help save Ed’s favorite barber shop. I know I’ve made this complaint before, but we’re seeing it again here, but Mandy came off way too intelligent and articulate for the way her character has been portrayed these last 10 episodes. Saying that the barber shop has a “Vintage atmosphere” when Mike calls it old, and deeming it “authentic” when he says it’s old just made her seem way more intelligent than we know her to be. Either stick with the dumb girl routine, or develop the smart side of her better so it doesn’t come out of nowhere.

Eve continues to be the only character on this show that I actually enjoy (Apart from Kyle in some cases). We’ve seen her deliver some great zingers and one-liners in her great little deadpan style, but we got to see a new side of her this week as she was rejected by a boy she likes. I’m not sure what I like about her so much, but it’s probably that she’s a refreshing paradigm of negativity and sarcasm on such a saccharine and pedestrian show. I prefer that type of comedy, apparently.

Random Thoughts:

– What was with the cut-away scenes of the barber shop and of Vanessa in a stretcher? I think that’s the first time we’ve ever had scenes like that. I know Jack Burditt, executive producer of the show, used to be a writer for 30 Rock which is famous for that device, but it just came out of nowhere.

– The “Jack wang” insult made a triumphant return this week! Um, yay?

– The “Sloppy does” joke made me want to put my ears in a vice.