American Horror Story “Birth” Review

american horror story birth (7)

American Horror Story was crazy this week! In “Birth”, Vivian is leaving the hospital and she, Ben and Violet are headed to Florida so Viv can have her babies with her sister. The only problem is Violet is dead and can’t leave the house, and some of the ghosts want the babies for their own. Patrick and Chad have started decorating the nursery and plan to kill the twins when they hit the “cute” age of one and a half.

Obviously this worries Violet and using Constance’s help, brings back the psychic from a few episodes ago. The psychic spins some tale of the old Roanoke colony and how Violet can use the same spell the native american’s used back in the 1500s to get rid of the unwanted spirits. I’d always wondered what “Croatoan” meant in that colony. Apparently, it’s some sort of magic word that banishes spirits… only it turns out that “press on nail” psychic was wrong. Coroatoan doesn’t work on spirits. Time to go back to history class, Violet.

As Vivian goes into labor she has no choice but to head into the murder house. Ben tries to prevent the birth, but the house has other plans. Dr. Montgomery and the dead nurses help out, while Violet tries to tell Ben that she’s actually dead. Meanwhile, Tate is trying to protect the babies and keep Violet happy.

However things don’t go as planned. Ben is freaking out about the ghosts in the house, the fact that his daughter is dead, and that his wife is going to give birth three months early. Toss crazy Constance into the mix and what happens? A stillborn baby, Violet telling Tate about his school shooting, and Vivian biting the dust during childbirth.

It was an insane episode tonight! The crazier American Horror Story is, the more I enjoy it. Vivian’s death, while surprising did serve a purpose. Now she can be in the house with Violet, and help her deal with Tate, AND it’s a way to keep Ben in the house. He’s not going anywhere with Viv and Violet stuck in that house.

What’s going to happen to the surviving baby? Will Ben raise him? Will Hayden kill him and take him as her own? Constance wouldn’t allow it, I feel she would kill for her grandchild before letting anything happen to him. What will happen to Tate? He can’t be gone for good – but how will he come back? Will Violet ever forgive him? She has all eternity to think on the issue, so my money is on yes.

I do have to comment on the opening scene with Tate as a child chasing his dump truck into the basement. Thaddeus dragging Tate into that dark corner was probably the scariest thing I’ve seen on American Horror Story all season. How messed up but delightfully creepy is that baby?! And poor Nora, having to live with that day in and day out. It breaks my heart and leads me to another question. Nora in present day is constantly asking where her baby is. How did she forget about Thaddeus? Or is she just trying to block him from her mind? So many questions and not enough answers!

Hopefully with the finale of American Horror Story next week, we’ll have some resolution!