Hawaii Five-0 “Alaheo Pau’ole” Review

Hawaii Five-0 Alaheo Pau'ole Season 2 Episode 12

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, titled “Alaheo Pau’ole”, a man is found left for dead in a cave. In fact, he’s so left for dead that everyone assumes he IS dead. That is until he wakes up and scares the daylights out of Steve, Max and, well, me.

After that, the team is on quite the hunt to figure out who tried to kill him, but every clue just leads them further into the mystery. Soon they run into Captain Fryer, who’s running the case from the end of a dead girl found in a trunk and they all have to end up working together. Not exactly an idea situation but it ended with no bloodshed on either side, so I consider that a win. Finally they find that the whole thing is tied to a missing man whose parents were desperately looking for him, and the scumbag who tried to make a few bucks off of them. The team solves the mystery but it’s an empty victory as they then have to tell the parents that their son was murdered.

There is of course Chin and Malia’s wedding to cheer everyone up, but that doesn’t last very long. Steve knows that Joe is holding something back from him and after the two of them have their very serious talk on the beach following the nuptials, I’m worried what’s going to happen next. I’m still convinced that Joe is a good guy, but his last words to Steve were pretty ominous. Whether Joe is good or bad, I think Steve is in for more trouble.

Also, I just have to say I was a tad disappointed at the complete lack of Christmas in this episode. Not that I really care but all the previews made it seem like it would be Christmas themed and it wasn’t (other than a few decorations in the background here and there). If they hadn’t put it in the preview, I wouldn’t have noticed at all. Oh well. It was still a good ep. I guess I was just kinda looking forward to seeing Danny in a Santa outfit again.

My favorite bits..

Not missing the way Joe looked at Steve when he seemed determined to keep looking for Shelburne.

Laughing at Danny ending up in a new place. This is turning into quite the ongoing joke.

Danny. Lori. Handcuffs? (Please don’t let that mean what I think it means. Please don’t let that mean what I think it means. Please don’t let that mean what I think it means. Please don’t let that mean what I think it means.)

Steve dropping the handcuff key off the balcony.

Kamekona breaking Danny out of the handcuffs using a ..shell? Now there’s some talent.

“Thank you Captain Caveman.”

Ahhhhh! Zombie! Shoot it in the head! Shoot it in the head!……oh wait. Wrong show.

Hiro’s son showing up and asking Steve what Joe did with his father. Uh oh.

Danny putting the “dummy grenade” in the guy’s hand, pulling the pin and walking out the door. I’m with Chin, Danny has been hanging out with Steve for too long..but I think that’s a good thing. LOL.

Danny and Chin waiting outside the dumpster while “badass” searched inside.

Joe refusing to answer Steve’s question about who Shelburne was. Yep, I knew he knew.

Danny suggesting that Steve and Fryer hug it out. Ha!

Shane complaining over and over again about his beer mirror.

The way Kono took down the manager. Nice.

The team finding out what really happened to the missing man. So sad.

Chin and Malia’s wedding. I loved the music that played during that scene.

Wait. They end it there?? Now we have to wait to find out what Joe meant by “I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.”

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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