2 Broke Girls “And The Pop Up Sale” Review

Wow, Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings really do have a lot of chemistry. Odd couples always do but when Max lunged in for the kiss at the end of this week’s episode of 2 Broke Girls I thought she was going to go for Caroline and not the oven. Fans of the show have been suggesting for weeks now that a Max and Caroline pairing would be far more interesting than watching them hook up with other guys, especially since there really is no lead on the show.

The supporting actors are too old, too creepy or too silly and even with an episode like this, which tried to deepen their characters by creating conflict between Han and Oleg about the latter’s hygiene, the conflict seemed only to serve one liners and a joke about Oleg unzipping Max’s dress without his hands (who wears a dress that unzips from the front?)

Everyone and their mother has pointed out that the supporting actors are the worst thing about this show, and while they’re right, there’s so much else that’s really good that I hope the creative team behind the show will either recalibrate the characters or drop them so that the show can move on to the thing that’s making it the best new comedy of the season: Max and Caroline’s relationship.

Any episode with Dale Dickey as a guest star is going to earn a round of applause from me. I’m such a fan of Dale Dickey, from her awesome name to her incredible talent (Peekaboo, thanks mainly to her and an ATM, is still one of my favorite Breaking Bad episodes ever and Winter’s Bone was my favorite film from 2010, again, in large part thanks to her haunting performance). So even when she’s only given a few lines of dialogue, much of it repetition, I’m a happy camper.

I appreciate that the writers definitely have a handle on the Max and Caroline characters: they know how to write to the actress’ strengths and that comedy grounded in really emotion is far funnier than contrived one-liners. The scene where Max and Caroline are flinging matches into an oven with a broken pilot light keeps the financial crisis into focus: this isn’t a show about fake poor people-characters who complain about being poor while driving a reasonably nice car or sporting rather lovely clothes.

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