The Cleveland Show “Die Semi-Hard” Review

I think tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show, “Die Semi-Hard” might have been a whole lot funnier to me if I had seen Die Hard more than that one time back in college when I had to for the film class I was taking. I have nothing against action films (Air Force One always chokes me up), but it’s not exactly my genre either.

Still, Cleveland and the gang gave their first parody their best effort and thanks to an abundance of general 80’s jokes, it was still amusing. Cleveland got to play Bruce Willis, of course, and the bear made a great Alan Rickman. Ah, the simpler days when bearded British men made for believable terrorists.

Although I recognize that Die Hard is one of those movies that isn’t really about Christmas, but invariably gets listed whenever one sits down to write a list of Christmas movies, I really think the show would have benefited from picking a different movie for their holiday episode. Die Hard might be a classic action film, but it has nowhere near the level of instant recognition that helped make the Family Guy Star Wars parodies so popular.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that even if a Family Guy fan wasn’t a massive Star Wars fan, he or she could enjoy those parodies anyway because of the strength of the characters playing the parts. The Cleveland Show has some great characters, but the always outrageous Rallo sat on the bench for most of the episode.

The show just doesn’t have enough “bits” yet to have made non-Die Hard fans hang on ’til the end. As if to prove that, they had to borrow a Family Guy bit in the form of the Mexican maid, Consuela. The funniest moment for me was when Cleveland swung himself into a tub only to have the tub nearly fall out the window, as happened so many times during his days living across the street from Peter Griffin.

The Cleveland Show seems to work best when it’s forging its own path, rather than following a path that its sister shows have already tread down. I appreciate an homage, but even though they got me to laugh, I think this episode could have been a lot better.

What did you think? Let me know below!