Terra Nova “Within” Review

Terra Nova returned after a week off with its tenth episode, “Within”. And guess what? The title refers to the mole being within the colony! Even though this series is only ten episodes old, I’m already feeling completely fed up with this mole story line. After finding out the identity of the mole, it always makes you pay extra close attention to that character since you now know they have an ulterior motive, and Skye has been written very poorly in that regard. Why is it that the only time that Skye has ever acted cagey or suspicious is as soon as we know that she’s a mole? She wasn’t being all mysterious and asking Josh to lie for her before we found out she’s dirty, but now that we know about it she’s acting so incredibly obvious.

Well, thankfully Taylor and Shannon actually find out the identity of the mole, and then Taylor reveals another tasty morsel of info: He has a spy in the Sixer camp himself! It’s Curran, the exiled soldier from a couple episodes ago! It makes sense for Taylor to try to turn him, but it makes you wonder a couple things. First of all, why would Curran even want to help Taylor? I mean, Taylor was the one that exiled him and doomed him to death by dinosaur, so I don’t buy that he’d even want to go back to a colony that reviles him and blames him for the murder of a fellow soldier. Second, why would the Sixers allow him to come into their camp? Wouldn’t their first reaction be to suspect that he was sent by Taylor?

Thankfully they didn’t dwell too much on that at first, and we got right to the big confrontation that we’ve wanted to see: Skye and Taylor. Taylor’s relationship with Skye has been one of the bright spots for his character, and has really given us some great insights into his more sentimental and sympathetic side. While we don’t know exactly what happened in August, 2138 other than Lucas’ mother dying, but it certainly seemed to be a punch in the gut for Taylor. This led to the other big showdown we wanted to see: Taylor vs. Taylor! Lucas has been a bit of a one-note villain so far, but I’m interested to see what happens when he returns with his “employers”. Hopefully we have some other villains introduced that we can get behind.

The end of the episode was a bit goofy for me. We’re not told how Curran was able to transport a deathly sick woman all the way from the Sixer camp to the colony, and I didn’t really buy Jim’s response to his return. Wasn’t he trying to convince Taylor not to exile Curran in the first place? Now he’s all upset he’s back? Make up your mind, Jim!

With only two more episodes guaranteed for Terra Nova, I really hope we get a solid resolution on this Lucas story line before this show is pulled from the schedule. While Terra Nova isn’t breaking any ground or blowing me away, it’s still a fun escape for 42 minutes a week and the mythology of the show is getting more and more interesting! Hopefully FOX can justify the cost of keeping a show with such a high production cost and such low ratings, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and the secondary story this week was about Maddy trying to find a new core for her laptop thingy. Because, you know, she likes homework and reading and stuff. That was the entire story. So, uh…yeah. That happened.

Random Thoughts:

– The actor who plays Lucas Taylor is named Ashley. Ouch. Middle school must have been rough.

– Shouldn’t there be somebody, I don’t know, guarding The Eye? Or can anybody just walk in there, use its infinite technological know-how for devious purposes, and walk out?

– Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have regular guns in that whole showdown with Lucas? What’s the point of having such fancy guns if you can’t use them in these sensitive situations? You could have just put a bullet in his head, no problems.