The Simpsons “Holidays of Future Passed” Review

Although we’ve seen what the future will hold on The Simpsons in past episodes, “Holidays of Future Passed” provided a funny, novel look at the family several decades down the road. Through the annual holiday photo, we watched the family change over the years. As expected, Bart is the last to leave the nest and it looks like it may have been by force. Interestingly, we see Lisa make some very amusing dating choices – including two female lovers (at the same time). What was most shocking was future Lisa’s choice to settle down with Milhouse, although it seems as though she still carries a torch for Nelson. Maggie goes from basically a mute existence to becoming the voice of a generation through her music. After finally giving the boot to Bart, Homer and Marge look as though they celebrated their empty nest by seeing the world and going on exotic excursions.

Although I believe in Bart’s potential, it was pretty funny to see him residing at the former Springfield Elementary school building, which is now an apartment complex – still run by Skinner. Skinner is collecting rent as well as long overdue school reports. I absolutely loved Bart’s use of a school desk as a cooler for his Duff beer.

In The Simpsons of the future, travel has become much easier now thanks to the use of cross phase technology and the kids are going home for the holidays. Bart’s sons are forced to spend the holiday with their dead beat dad, Maggie is expecting a child with a father not yet determined and Lisa is exasperated with her angst-ridden teen daughter, Zia.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation of the night is that Homer has given up drinking and only goes to Moe’s to see Carl and Lenny.

As Marge and Homer aptly noted, there is a lot of family tension due to Bart and Lisa not getting along with their kids. Bart’s kids are smart, do-gooder jerks – so unlike the precocious Bart we’ve come to love as a kid on The Simpsons. Thanks in part to his new found life as a teetotaler, Homer is a pretty good grandfather and makes easy work of bonding with Bart’s kids. Lisa goes home to get Marge’s advice on bonding with Zia and gets frustrated when she doesn’t like what Marge advises her to do, which is back off. Typical Lisa. Bart and Lisa’s frustration culminates in a really great moment in Bart’s tree house where we see the two get drunk, commiserate about their kids and ultimately realize that their parents actually know what they’re talking about.

Other observations and favorite moments from tonight’s futuristic episode of The Simpsons:

-B-mail: an e-mail convention that delivers messages and viruses directly to your brain.

-Flanders marrying Maude’s ghost after Homer accidentally kills his second wife, Edna.

-The state of air travel after the invention of cross phase travel. Scary!

-“Want to go to a concert tonight? 68% of the original Cher is playing.” – Lisa

-The state of downtown Springfield – just as scary as air travel of the future.

-The first church of Lard Lad. – Homer must be a member of this congregation.

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons was really funny, I really enjoyed the bonding between a drunken Lisa and Bart. What did you think of “Holidays of Future Passed”? Of all the new inventions used by future Springfieldians, which one would you most like to see? I really liked the machine that Homer used to shrink Bart’s kids and play in their toys.